Talon's New Game BillBoard


I’m making this thread as a place to post news if you’re making a new game and want everyone to know! Try to only post your game if it was started 3 weeks or earlier.
I’ll also occasionally post some myself, so always check in.


3/12/14 Vigilante by DavidGil
3/17/14: Red Candle by Aquos_Boost


Erm… Isn’t this thread kind of pointless as if you “want everyone to know”, as you say, you can just create a new thread yourself and get more attention than if you post something here? I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I’m just saying that I don’t see the point…


I agree with @Redgrave


;-; Damn it… Now my whole idea feels invalid… ;-;. Well, you can always look at this if you forget the game and don’t want to sift through the forum pages…


Also, there’s an announcement thread for doing just this.


It’d be harder to sift through here since it’d have a ton of different topics, whereas topics made by each author would be solely about their gamebook


@Talon5505 I don’t forget games because I bookmark the WIP/game discussions I like. I am sure many people do that.

Plus, if people want everyone to know they are working on a game, they open a thread for their WIP and sometimes post into the announcement thread “Are you working on a game in Choicescript? Let us know!” So, I have to agree with Redgrave and Sam. This is pointless in my opinion.

@Reaperoa, @Havenstone, @JimD, @CJW, and @FairyGodfeather I think one of you should close this thread.


;-; So cruel. CoG… So cruel…I’m just gonna go cry in my corner. Don’t bother me unless you bring Graham crackers.