Would anyone be interested in a Modern Vigilante interactive story?


I’ve been thinking about a game to develop and this popped into my head. A very rough draft of the game would be you are a huge fan of comic book heroes so you have the bright idea to be an actual hero. There would be different skills, i.e. martial arts, intelligence (being able to create your own gadgets), street smart (more or less persuasion). Those are the most prominent ones that pop to mind. The story is still in need of a lot of work but I was wondering if anyone would even be interested before I put a ton of effort into this.


Are we talking about something like The Punisher or Kick Ass?


Yeah, I’d imagine it would be more like Kick Ass since no one’s rich enough to be the next Batman or Iron Man. I’d be interested in this, as long as it’s darker than Heroes Rise; the mixing of teenage drama with heroes was kinda weird in my opinion.


I think there is always room for another superhero story. Mine is almost half finished, although I’m going for quirky instead of dark.

Heroes Rise 3 is/was scheduled for a summer release so that might affect release dates for other hero themed gamebooks. Just keep that in mind.


Sounds interesting to me. I think the degree of darkness should depend on the player’s choices.


I’d definitely be interested! Actually, something I’d like to see more of in these types of stories is the choice for the MC to become a something of a villain and/or an anti hero.


It should, undoubtedly. I was just giving my opinion.


I’m not very interesting in fight justice of whatever justification vigilantes use to support their right to murdering people without proofs of their evilness. But I love become a villain and observed how the vigilantes are worse than the criminals they slaughtered.


I don’t think most vigilantes mercilessly slaughter criminals…


@Samuel_H_Young I think Mara is refering to real-life vigilantes. Unfortunately, most of them, if not all, simply kill whom ever they think is guilty after a very bad investigation or no investigation at all. They don’t even try.


I’m working on one myself. I posted a WIP a while ago, but I showed it much too early. So, expect it to change greatly and I’d just started learning coding when I showed it. Won’t be showing it again till it’s got a few thousand words to read during one ‘playthrough’. So, a complete chapter at least. And not until it’s polished.

If you do check it out, just be aware of what I’ve said. I did a rather poor editing job too.

Maybe our stories will be different enough though.


@DSeg and @poison_mara
Oh! If so, you’re right, Mara. Most vigilantes are like the dad in that disgusting move, Prisoner. He THOUGHT that this mentally disabled guy kidnapped his child, so he tortured the guy for a week, only to find out that the poor guy didn’t do it after all! And even then, he felt no remorse.


I would like another superhero story but what we really need is one with the option of being a villain. So many choice of games do not offer that choice and having that option would be amazing. Also please don’t make it as light hearted as the Heroes Rise games.


Exactly, I thought in real vigilantes. Also, I love villains too. I would give many opportunities of being bad in my game. For me the difficult is writing good paths lol. Good characters are so boring … :((


@Samuel_H_Young even in comic books if you’re looking for a vigilantly who ruthlessly slaughters criminals just look at my favorite anti hero the punisher


The Best Vigilante is THE QUESTION!!! :smiley:

But seriously make a Choice of Villains/Choice of Supervillain game. PLEASE?!


As you can see in the upcoming release table there actually is a Choice of the Villain in development. So your prayers are answered apparently. :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: I LOVE YOU!!!


Do it, I think it would be great to play as a vigilante.


Yep do it. :stuck_out_tongue: