Heroes rise, but you play as a villain

What if there is a heroes rise game where you play as a serial killer. The motives can vary but absolutely no choice which leads to good. You start as a serial killer who have so far been able to hide your crimes. You could be killing for pleasure , you have mental condition(schizophrenia etc) or even for the thrill. You somehow acquired Power from an unknown entity( corresponding to heroes project redemption’s ending ) that allows you to blow people up into micro dust particles (yes I ripped that straight out of JJBA). And here starts your journey on experimenting with your power, finding your next victim and erasing all heroes who got too close into revealing you out of existence all the while juggling your personal life and dark secrets together . Choose to stay as the feared unknown serial killer that you are or turn into an infamous villain. The player can make the main character as a sympathetic, sadistic, selfish douchebag who only care for his own pleasure or an outright lunatic. What do you gidea? s think about this id


This sound interesting.

Sounds cool… And awesome

Check out Fallen Hero it’s kinda similar to what you’re suggesting.

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sounds good, but know what sounds amazing? A spin off where you play as the prodgical playing out the events leading up to the first game, and ending at the end of the last game. But this game would be very good, as I can’t think of a game really where you play as a strictly evil character, in fallen hero you can play as a not all bad guy. And that’s kinda my worry, it’s very, very rare you get people so one dimensional that are pure evil, but I’d be very impressed with anyone who could pull it off and not make them seem simplistic/one dimensional etc.

My first thought was that it sounds interestin but knowing myself I would wish for a point where I can make the morally right choice. Like having my reasons for doing evil things but at the end my character realises that there would have been another way to achieving their goal and in the last minute they could do something good maybe even sacrificing themselfes for that right choice at the end or some bigger evil comes along and my character would have to align with the good guys in order to defeat them… something like that. I don’t think I’d actually spend money for a game where my characters only goal is destruction. I always ask the question what the bad guys would do if they would achieve their goal? Like in this game: what if the protagonist manages to kill everyone? Could they live happily alone? All I can imagine is that the villain would feel that the world is much more empty and either they would feel emptiness or sadness but definitely not happiness or even contentment.

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Well if the protagonist managed to kill everyone then he have reached high infamy level that is becoming a villain. If you play him stealthily and only focus on killing your next target and heroes who got to close, you will be feared instead. Also as I had said, the protagonist can be anything but good. Remember, he’s a serial killer before he got his power, not some teenager aspiring to be a super hero. No matter what choice he makes he realise that all of it is evil. He can be justifyin his actions, burdened by his mental conditions or doing it because he wants to and the heroes are disrupting your “peaceful life”. If you can stomach playing all 2 hero project game and betraying other people for survival, then whats wrong with playing as a villain.

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That depends entirely on the execution of the idea. (And I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to use the Heroes’ Rise world for a background just like that. The intellectual property belongs to the person who wrote it.)

My idea is really a what if choice of games used this concept actually. All of the heroes story shows corrupt justice system and misunderstood villains so much that I really want to see an honestly evil villain/bad guy as a protagonist.

It sounds to me like that’d be pretty difficult to write, but interesting if you managed to pull it off. Good luck.

This sounds amazing I can’t wait for the demo

Lol no I’m not making a game because i can’t program shit. I’m just asking what the community think about this concept/idea for the hero rise/project game. Also I don’t think I can write a cyoa game because of the multiple endings and things like that. I welcome anybody to try to make a game out of this concept though. I’m tired of seeing the not so good heroes vs the misunderstood villains kind of story. Seeing the world through the eyes of a true evil villain as a change would be fun to read.

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Let’s not further the idea that having schizophrenia will make a person a murderer, evil, or a villain.


The whole idea seems pretty great, but what if you introduced good as well. I feel like a strictly evil character might be a turn off to potential players. In Heroes Rise you were obviously good, but your good could be an evil kind. How about incorporating some kind of dexter thing into, such as once you get your powers you can be an evil psychopath who kills normal people or one who kills those who are worse than you like, I forget his name, the bug dude from the hero project. While you aren’t good you use your evil urges to be so. Idk just a thought.
Also going with the social norm that a killer has a pyschological disorder would get some people upset. Statistically only one percent of violent crimes are done by people with such disorders. So, a sociopath would be a much more plausible thing considering 4% is done by them, I believe.

The programming is rather simple if you read the guide and have JavaScript it isn’t even numbers just a list of commands like

*create gender (little code thing)
*create gender “male”
*create gender “female”

*set gender "female"
*set gender “male”

Choices are sort of like



*choice A.
Stuff and things.
*choice B.
More stuff


Well I guess making him as an anti-hero would be good but only if he leans too much on being good. I wanna see a full blown menacing, charismatic and dangerous true evil antagonist to go against the heroes. It makes the antagonist admirable while still being fun to hate IMO. True evil antagonist doesn’t need to be a costumed Sunday morning cartoon villain. He should be hiding his identity while striking and taunting the heroes from the shadows and wearing his office attire (tie, suit etc) because real antagonist uses psychological pressure to win.

I understand it now better. Well some people might like your idea, I guess it’s just not my cup of tea so I’m outta here… Still good luck and all that.

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