Prequel to Heroes Rise


I Just finished the game Heroes Rise I personally love it… and was thinking a lot this and was wondering what if we played as prodigy when mother died by the Protagonist in Heroes Rise series… I thought about her how did she cope when did she discover her powers how and when she started using them for evil… i don’t know i thought it might been cool… let me know what you guys think


Even if Zachary were inclined to write Prodigal’s story as a separate game, he wouldn’t be able to because official choice games don’t allow for a gender-locked protagonist. And that’s another problem, we already know how her story ends, how she turns out, so there wouldn’t be all that much choice.

I think Prodigal’s story has already been told, it’s so entwined with the Protagonists and it’s over now.But, that certainly doesn’t stop you writing fan-fiction about what happened to Prodigal after her mother’s death. Write down your thoughts as a story. There’s a Heroes Rise facebook page, with a lot of fans, which you could post it to when you’re done.


I believe the author is also already working on a sequel to his hero’s rise trilogy with a new protagonist. He said that there was another story he would publish before getting to that one though so I’m afraid you will have to be patient for it. Of course, feel free to work up fanfics and fanart like FairyGodfeather said.


Yeah he was gonna do another season of the hero project with some of the older less important(or just less mentioned) characters being used.
with a new protagonist as mentioned.


Thanks guys ill be wating