Hello…so i love heroes rise and i have been toying with a sequel idea…So first my question is can I do that or no? And if I can who would like to help me

There’s already a sequel for Heroes Rise in progress. You can’t do fanfiction of Heroes Rise since that would be against their copyright. Why don’t you make your own super-hero game instead with your own characters?

Unless you get the permission of the original author and all rights holders, fanfiction is a copyright violation, irrelevant of whether or not you’re going to make a profit.

Even if it wasn’t a copyright violation, I’ve never understood why someone enjoys writing using someone else’s materials. Don’t you enjoy creating your own world, your own characters, your own plots? It’s not only original, it’s yours!

You can take inspiration from someone, but don’t copy them.

Fairy beat me to it by being more succinct; blasted cell phone.

I love me some Fan-fiction, but of all the stories to do a Fan-fiction to. Heros Rise seems like a very odd choice, and Im not sure how people feel about Fanfiction on this site I personally like fanfiction if it’s tasteful but I personally hate when people do fanfictions based on false romances that would of never happened in the universe, like you see this pre-teen epidemic where there are immature people with low understanding of a story to begin with try to write fanfiction and it comes off as a huge slap in the face.

Like sometimes I try to look at fanfiction sites, and I ALWAYS run into this thing where it’s like only a few of the stories respect the universe it is set in while a HUGE margin is just pretty sad, Like I absolutely hate fanfiction that is set in a world like Harry Potter and it focuses on some insane romance that would never happen inside of the real story, like alot of the stories were Harry Romancing Ron, and I found that just awkward there are some pretty perverse and creepy people(mostly pre-teens) writing Harry Potter Erotica, it’s just very awkward.

@2Ton In the [final] words of Saint Nicholas the Passion Bearer, Tsar of Russia: “What? What?”

Exactly, what im saying. Sorry about the rant, but yah. If you go on some fan fiction sites you will see how immature people are. They turn respectable universes into just pure awkwardness

Rise, Sir Drazen, knight of The Snark. May your Awkwardian Blade of +1 confusion bathe in the blood of the Twiterites.

Alright thank you all

I wish you luck on whatever you do @Greenwolf, I do not know your skill of writing but I think you could write a more interesting story than Heros if you try hard, and put your heart into it, and finish it.

Thanks a Bunch…I am mainly a fanfiction author because I am thinking for a good plot for a real actual story…Which I do believe I may be able to turn into a choice of game… But I asked about making a Fanfiction for Heroes because Id like some practice with the software…Thanks for all the comments and help! :slight_smile:

I think fan fiction is harder to do, you may attract people to whatever you wrote right away and it may seem successful but with that people may be more critical to whatever you write and you gotta make it feel like the same universe as Heros rise or whatever you may be basing your story around, which ultimately make it harder on the writer.

True, I Thank you once again for the help and when I do publish a game I hope you will look at it. :smiley:

Hell ya, of course. I’ll probably be your biggest fan.

haha…I seem to be having a problem getting Choicescript to work…I downloaded it in google chrome and it wont work and My firefox…

You need to download notepad++

Is very slow*

Does that work the same as choicescript? And can I still upload the games I make here?

Yah XD and youll most likely have to download more stuff to link it dropbox is what most people use here, there are alternatives but I only know dropbox

Ah, I see another round of thanks are in order :stuck_out_tongue: