We have a Super Hero game

when are we going to get a Super Villian game?

I actually like that idea. Personally, as a VERY nice person, I like to play as a bad guy a tad bit more than playing as a protagonist. Antagonist characters, who aren’t flat and one-dimensional, are so interesting on my opinion. I usually audtion as an antagonist in school plays.

Doesn’t CoD count as a game where you play as a villian, technicly?

@Daisuke true but in CoD you are a Dragon instead of a Super Hero/Villian. its kind of like compairing Eragon to Batman

And Murder!

@Zed thats the spirit lol

I personally think that playing the villian is a MUCH more specific perspective than heroes, therefore, heroes would be much easier to write. There a mainly 4 tpyes of heroes: 1) Justice! Justice and Patritism! 2) Money, money money mooooney 3) Antihero Antihero also counts as revenge) 4) Dude i’m totally doing this for fun!

As for Villians…well i could go through a list of why many villians are in fact villians. So i will!

  1. Lost loved one and they hate the world 2) Batcrap crazy 3) Wants to rule the world 4) wants to rule the universe 5) Wants to eat the world 6) bounty hunter 7) tradition commands it 8) from a different country and the 2 are at war

And the list goes on. Now, i personally always played the villian as a kid when i played with friends, and still do sometimes when i RP, and every time, my character has a specific reason for being evil. And in games, alot of the time its for the armor. What i’m trying to say is, it’s alot harder to make a scripted villian connect to the reader/player than a scripted hero.

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I all was loved games that let you be evil.I do even care what the choices are if it means I nuke someone and that is the only evil choice sure why not >:)

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