Dark Knight Type Hero COG


I just saw the dark knight rises and the heroes and villians inspired me to ask what if COG made that type of superhero game without the license and the fame over justice and money of the jobs you do since I don’t have time to make a cog I will be happy if someone does but right now can only dream! Hero: Electro Man-can control electricity. Backstory:grew up on the mean streets of Terrammagna City without any one the event that change his life was the early attack by Void. Villian: Void-can obsorb and control energy like a supermassive black hole wears a mask of swirling ink


I, for some reason, do not like superheroes with powers. I prefer the vigilante type hero, with no powers. Hmmm…I might make a game about this…


How’s COTA Going, By the Way?


The project has so far come to a standstill. I’ll try to work on it some time, but I really want to try this project out.


@RRR I always kind of bated batman for not having powers but now I respect his techonology and technical the superhero doesn’t have to save powers to save the world


@RRR thanks for might turning my idea into a game and I always enjoy choice of assassin lastly I knew you liked comicbooks for the watchmen


I loved Watchmen, both the graphic novel and the movie. I will make this game so that you can choose to not kill (like Batman) or be a heartless avenger (like Rorscharch.).


Yeahhh!! Rorscharch!


@RRR not to ask for a lot but what if about something like comics and monthly or weekly updates with new Villian superheroes and problems but its just an idea but if you do I think the forum should be involved creating new heroes and situations and Villian for you superhero character to face and like the batman-rorscharch idea


I would make it just one game. Anyway, I will start working on it soon…


@RRR THANK You I will try to help any way I can


Do you know anything about coding?


Barely but Im learning. From the Cog instruction tutorial


A non-powered hero/vigilante in an otherwise superpower-ruled world sounds like a fantastic idea, if you’re going down that route.


I was thinking, normal world, normal people. A Batman style game is what I am aiming at here.


i was thinking about some villans not exactly superhuman but physically altered like bane also some decisions you make the public (police) can see you has a true hero or antihero (makes you wanted extreme dead or alive and all that americas most wanted stuff).


Oh yeah! I always figured that if I was in batmans position I would kill, but I wouldn’t let it compromise who I am and become a serial killer like he thinks will happen to him. Set an example, right? You should make it so that the public can like you if you kill because your cleaning up the streets but the police want to get you for breaking the law. Also, will you have an arch-nemesis, like the joker? Can you upgrade your gadgets? What I wouldn’t do for a pair of electrified batons…


By making a career of killing people illegally without compensation you are by definition a serial killer. And Batman doesn’t avoid killing because he’s scared he’ll become a serial killer. He avoids killing because he believes it’s wrong.


@Shoelip your hero has choice of being compassionate or ruthless and the villains I intend to have in this game are going to be ruthless and kill or intend to kill hundreds of people for personal gain or no reason at all so even if you do become a serial killer it will be for more than a good cause and make the world a far safer and better place even though the law may see you as a menance to society and as the people you are killing but society as @ syndicate said may see you as a hero figure and savior of sorts tron the homicidal and mental criminals


I am commencing the game development…