Fancy a new game from the creator of "Imprisoned"?

Hello everyone,

It’s a long time since I’ve made “Imprisoned”. I was doing many other things in the meantime, but lately I realized that I’d like to write another ChoiceScript game.

I’m well aware of the difficulties and problems my last game had (poor English grammar, and infamous time tracking bug). But I think I could use some more help with the former and try to avoid the later in the new game.

Also “Imprisoned” was made when there were almost no Hosted Games, and no Forum. Now there are plenty of games in progress already so I’d like to know if there’s still place for the new projects?

I already have an idea. It bases not on the story itself, but more on the how the game is played. I think it would be more like a game with choice based interface than interactive fiction.

Anyway, the question is: Would you like another game of mine?

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I think that would most certainly be a yes. There were a few quirks with the game, but it’s technically (and I’m using the word ‘technically’ to denote the technical side of things) one of the best games so far, and maintained a relatively engaging (if not extremely deep or easy to follow) story.

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Bring it on.

Of course there’s room, the more the merrier. I’d very much like to see what you have in mind.

Imprisoned was not bad, funny and great, but it was hard to get all the different endings and yes, another game of yours would be great

Just as what @HoraceTorys had said:

Bring it on.

5 votes for, 0 votes against (plus some very nice reviews, thank you), so I think I can just start scratching the notes.

Mark me down as definitely wanting to see another game. Imprisoned was quite fun.

What’s it about

For now I’d like to keep it secret, because I don’t know the details myself :slight_smile:

Lol. Can we get a hint?

Will it be medieval, modern, western, sci-fi, supernatural, everyday life, past, future, fantasy, romance, etc.? (Or even a mix of two. :P)

And um one comment if you don’t mind, too many endings, some stats didn’t seem to be used e.g agility, reflexes, some others that I forgot and give some custom names for us to choose. Thanks

@Xt1000305 I agree. There were WAY too many endings that I didn’t want to go to the trouble to finding. I would like to play the new game though.

Noted. If you have any more hints, request, reviews, bring them on.

I notice that many people like narrators that engage in a sort of conversation with the narrator. Your first game had a bit of this. You could make the narrator funny, creepy, easily agravated, etc.

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Yes to the title.

It took me much longer then expected but I finally started. Check the new games thread for the more info.

Whoop! XD My favourite part: - create a game of rare “you’re a bad guy” kind
I always prefered games where you’re the evil ass villain or “bad guy” instead of keeping the place/planet safe “good guy”.

And the coincidence was that just yesterday I was searching for games where you’re the bad guy. :smiley:

Marking 19th in my calendar.

About Imprisoned, it’s a really good story but does anyone know how to open the portal?

You need a needle, magical ability, and rat blood, talk to that guy in the next cell until he tells you what you need to finish the portal.

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