Thoughts on Imprisoned?


It was a fun game overall, first time i played i died of exhaustion which was a bit surprising. How come the user-contributed games aren’t posted on the blog?


I loved it. It is short, but highly dynamic depending on your choices, and entertaining.


I’m happy to see my game released (and the opinions above so positive, thanks). Comments (not only as nice as those) are most welcome. The more opinions, the more motivated I can be to make another, maybe better, game. :slight_smile:

ps. Please forgive me any bugs, errors, spelling/grammar problems you’ll face.


I’m just starting, and I peeked at the Attributes… ooo, sanity meter! I love sanity meters!

Looks promising.

Enjoying it so far, ran into a little glitchy thing. I just went to sleep after being thrown in the cell: You have slept for 5 hours. DEBUG *set heal 10 Something woke you up.

Shouldn’t affect gameplay, but I thought you might want to know.


Fun so far, though with that many endings, it seems like the earlier mostly blind choices affect you quite a bit. I also got the set heal glitch, here are my stats in case that helps you track it down.

Your final stats:

Endurance: 32%
Reflex: 30%
Intelligence: 96%
Look: 85%
Charisma: 42%
Will: 52%
Wisdom: 93%
Luck: 82%
Sanity: 1%
Health: 0%

I was a female elf with mostly steel armor.


My adventure seems to end prematurely every time. I might say 7 days left or something but then the game ends already anyway. Bit confused about that!
I also have the health bug when resting, it only happens if I have the ability to know the time.

Besides those two things I like it, so far. Like I said my game seems to end prematurely every time.
I do like the humor of the commentator though, loving that.


This ‘health bug’ should be corrected soon. And the game shouldn’t end without reason, but if it does… well, just try again. There’s a lot of possibilities there :wink: (I’m waiting for the first person to reach every single ending)


So far, ive found the dying of exhaustion, the freed after a few days, the one where the rat turns human, and that’s about it.


That’s about 17% of all endings (not including a hidden one, which is almost impossible to reach) :]


I like the multiple endings - always a good idea to have lots as it increases replayability.

I noticed a minor spelling error at ending 9 - it should say “pierces”, not “pierce”.


Think you could tell me how to open the dang gate? Been trying everything. Probably really easy and the answer is right under my nose…


I can’t tell it’s easy, but it’s quite simple, you just need a proper key. :wink: Or something similar :wink:


I liked it but I noticed the more honest you are the better things turn out.


The first play through for me ended with me dying from exhaustion. I thought that was kind of funny… no sleep= no life


And a minor grammar error:
After you pick an option for strength as a guy that involves picking up a horse, there is a response saying,“I bet he were!”. I think you meant, “I bet he was!”.


“You were hit but you hasn’t yet told your last word.” Instead of “hasn’t”, do you mean “hadn’t”? Sorry if this seems a bit… (can’t remember the right word at the moment…pretentious?) but grammar errors are kind of annoy me… :stuck_out_tongue:


I got a funny ending. I played a female elf thief and got an ending were I was found innocent. When asked if I knew who framed me I answered No because I hadn’t found any of the back story in the game, and the game then proceeded to tell me how “No” was my greatest enemy.


Again, big thanks for the comments, downloads, reviews etc. Again… I’m sorry, very sorry for grammar (I’m from Poland). Sorry for bugs (the game overwhelmed me). Anyway, I think I’ll try to make another game, maybe I’ll even find a way to solve my grammar problems (I have already some ideas)…


i got an ending similar to Trickster’s.
It was a fun game, though could’ve been a lot better. I’m anticipating the creator’s next game(s)! :slight_smile:
Quite a few grammar/spelling errors, but i’m not the kind who gets easily annoyed by those. English is my second language, too.


After a while it wasn’t very entertaining to see the same text when I tried the same thing over and over again to see if I can figure something out. I’m referring to examining the engraving in the wall, (which very slowly showed some results, but couldn’t figure it out because i was freed :o ), and talking to the guy in the other cell, which always seemed to yield no results, me having to say in what we were talking about.

I couldn’t feel the torture part too well, but anyway, when someone is tortured, it’s not really about choice after all.


I keep trying to use the portal but it just won’t let me
Anyone know how to open it??? Like what stats do I need???


keep talking to that sir dude, he’ll tell you, you need rat blood to open the portal. Lure the rat with your food and bam kill it and portals open.