Help With Imprisoned


If anyone has any walkthroughs for the multiple endings of Imprisoned, post them here.


Ending-Survive until the end, without confessing to the crimes.
Ending-Survive until the end, but confess to the crimes.
Ending-Get too tired wilst working out.
Ending-Die during torture.
Ending-Female player needed. Feed food to rat. I forget what you need to do in the meanwhile, but it is easy to figure out; simply talk to the rat nicely, and you will get the choice to kiss him. The rat will turn into a prince, and there you have your ending.


Escape from prison by bending bars with strength, escaping with magic


It’s funny you got one of the hardest endings and didn’t get many of the easiest ones. They must be non-obvious.

A clue: Be daring!


try attacking the guard in interrogation room and loose
and have lot of luck and escape winning the guard fight but you must keep hand cuffs on to make it work


Huh. It’s been a while since my first post and I didn’t think anyone would reply. Thanks to the three of you!


One more clue: How would Santa Claus try to escape? :wink:


you need a lot of agility and reflex and then get the skill of climbing i think and escape out of the chimney in the kitchen


Contruct a magic portal with a needle.


@Daisuke Yeaaaaaah…tried that…probably the hardest way to escape/


It was my first ending :stuck_out_tongue:


Pity that the prince option seems to be female only, especially on this otherwise very gay friendly site.


I recently downloaded this game it is absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I have been trying to get all the endings I only got 13 endings though. The magic portal ending never works out! :frowning: neither does the cursed one. the option is always to release the rat. I guess it’s because of my attributes, yet i don’t know what to do.

Tip : You can keep your will down and choose to not get up to get an ending.