Is there any way I can avoid dying in the end?


It seems that I either get assassinated of executed no matter what I do, except from when I end up getting married to Tomas. Is there a way to get a happy ending for my character?


your stats/previous choices may just be the perfect storm where that’s all you can get. I have had about four different endings so far outside getting executed trying to stop Tomas, good and bad :slight_smile:


i with high magic and charm i get all good endings more and less good . But without magic all are horrible. do a high magic character and allow wands then form a rebellion in that chase i get my favourite ending. Your sons are good if you accept constitution people love you you even could marry the boring poet Mendoza even if like me i always tell go away or choose have tons of lovers. Your son would reign after you and all is happy. And you don’t have to suffer nasty Thomas.
Even with Thomas with high magic you could overcome him and kill him with a wand of knife in back then your son ricardo forgive you because it wasn’t your fault he was raping your mind. But i prefer first one kill that bastard before he make realm suffer


@Katagu: yes, keep trying.


@Mara: Why do you need any magic skill at all, if you’re running a revolution with Mendosa’s totally-not-guns?


@Ramidel no idea when i try do things with low magic i end died and totally doom but maybe its for other choices but after 3 good with magic high and totally dead failure without like five or six. Magic has something to do at least with my choices


@Havenstone: >:)


@MaraJade: It’s indeed possible to win the game without casting a single spell.

One trick might be to avoid a coup. Tomas is easily dealt with by the shy girl whose nose is always in a book…and who’s subtly manipulating things around her. And I don’t need to tell you how to deal with the Queen. <3


How do you get the happy ending with Mendosa and get the constitution? All of my plays end up getting me killed. Are there certain stats/choices?


@ashmr what choices do you make? What do your stats look like and what path do you pursue within the game?


Well when I did it I had a high magic character, that seems to be helpful in resisting Thomas’ mojo, then I started a coup with the help of Mendoza and the death wands.


I have played with all the stats high or very high, but the reputation stat. Even at 80 my reputation is not high enough.


Unless you’re trying to save the Monarch from Tomás and keep them loving you by sterling reputation alone, reputation doesn’t really matter.

What specific routes do you take with certain stats, like do you try and find who’s under mind control and try to free them, and what have you tried when you go down the stairs near the end and everybody’s whispering about you and Tomás approaches with his ring offer.