Someone should write a newer escape story


I’d love if someone wrote a story very similar to Imprisoned, but longer, with better writing, and higher quality in general. I absolutely loved Imprisoned, don’t get me wrong, there just weren’t enough characters, enough things to do, and it was really fast. The humor, the fantasy setting, and the idea of a prison escape game were absolutely perfect. I just think if someone who is already an established writer for choice of games could put more time and effort into publishing a newer, better escape story.


@NoSauceRoss why don’t you try yourself? people here its friendly and we try help i you


Better suited here


@MaraJade I’ve definitely considered writing one once I actually start writing here (in a few months maybe?) but having written no previous games, it would end up in hosted games, something I’d prefer not to happen.


@NoSauceRoss well i don’t know nowadays hosted are tons and tons better than cog official games almost everyone thinks like me


@marajade well, even so, if I were to write it, you probably wouldn’t see it for up to a year. I was just putting the idea out there in the hopes that someone could make it sooner.


If you could get it done in a year or less, you’d be doing pretty well. Most games take longer than that to write.


Strangely, I already have an entire outline for a game in which you must escape a prison run by demons in a subterranean “Hell.” I’m considering to develop it after a ZE sequel.


@jimd I’d freakin love to see that. I’m a big fan of ZE.