Fic idea


Hey guys, those of you who read ZombieExodus, i have a request for you…well i emailed JimD and he said it was ok for me to write a story using the characters from ZE but anyway if you could drop some ideas in this chat/discussion, that’d be great, thanks for the help in advance.
P.S: Main romance in the story will be Heather, and i forgot to mention im posting it on post a link when i post the story)


Here’s an idea: if you know how to use ChoiceScript, download Zombie Exodus’s scene files and modify them to your liking. That way you could add or remove things from the story, yet keep the choice mechanic.

The files can be found here:


i like the idea, but i meant what to do after i got to the end of part three…since i dont want to ait until July for part 4 to come out.


I don’t mind if the characters are used in fan fiction but I’d rather not have the scenes modified and posted anywhere.


K, good thing ur telling me now, i have an alternative, i was thinking maybe starting at the cathedral but changing the missions and tking it past the end of three…that way i can let my crazy imagination run wild


You can do fan fiction all you want, just please don’t change the coded scenes. That’s all :slight_smile:


Whoops. My post was all kinds of wrong Jim. Should’ve thought before posting. Sorry.


@pipebrain no problem. The fan fiction concept is great, and I am honored that @FunnyMan wants to write FF.


Wow i feel so special lol, but im thinking of maybe wrapping up a fic i have on before i work on the ZE fic so i just think u should know it may take me a few weeks or a month to get it posted