Talons Game Corner(Comment on other page not this one)

Today I shall talk about *Drumroll* Blood For Poppies!

This game has a unique plot and well developed characters. The story pulls me into it and I feel like I really am the MC! Not to mention the author who answers questions to NPCs. This game is not done yet I still find it as one of the best games in CoG.

I recommend this game to fantasy, syfy, and mystery lovers. Rock on Farside!

Today is… Empowered!

This game seems old at first, I mean so many games with super powers. But then suddenly you are thrust into a small townlike place made to contain people like you. Jobs to do, people to meet, and a possible chance of escaping!

This game is very small yet so exciting. It Is a excellent game and we can look forward to even more content in the future!