Horror Month - What CoG/HG Games did you really feel are "scary"?

CoG game, Heart of the House
Theme: Soul, Other, Victorian horror

// personally didn’t feel scared except some claustrophobia, but I rarely get scared by spooky or creepy stuff. Regardless, it’s… sexy :slight_smile:

Hosted Wip (complete), Blood for Poppies
Theme: Flesh, Oppressor, Identity, Modern horror

// Again, it’s the claustrophobia of being trapped that unnerved me. But for most, I imagine having… that… on your back will be a chilling and revolting experience.

Hosted Wip (complete), Donor
Theme: Vampire, Oppressor, Modern thriller/horror

// This one actually unnerved me more than others. Maybe it’s because I had to play a female mc surrounded by dangerous men. Something more closer to reality than others. Thank god vampires are asexual here at least.

HoG, Dooms Day on Demand (1,2,3)
Theme: Zombie Creatures, Oppressor, Post Apocalypse

// You start out playing as a child. The world is horrible even before the bomb hits. You brush with some of the worst parts of society and humanity and make some questionable choices yourself. Things just keep getting worse. “Unrelenting” is the word to describe this game.

I also see a lot of mention on The Fog Knows Your Name. I’ve only played the first part of it despite beta-ing it, but it’s not the fear of the unknown that others keep mentioning that “scared” me enough not to buy the game, it was the fear of stats failure and the humiliation that was written into the game that I had to face with every stat failure. If we go by that fear, yes The Fog Knows Your Name was easily the scariest demo I’ve played and I’m not inclined to see what more it offers.