Horror Month - What CoG/HG Games did you really feel are "scary"?

As I’m scrolling among the titles I have in the library and I’m deciding what to pick for my next read. I see many titles now that touch the Horror genre.

However I remember there was relatively few titles (at least among the ones that I read) that I really found scary for their premise or in a way succeded in giving me personally a disturbing feeling.

As fear is different by each individual I would like to know what choicescript games Did you find in your playthrough scary for you

Here I will add a brief personal list of Games that succeded in giving me the Fear of the unknown and create a sense of Paranoia in the playthrough:

  • The Fog Knows Your Name (Choice of Games)
    Reason: Local Myth credible and a good local town atmosphere with many chances the player have to face if to believe the myth or not

  • Highlands, Deep Waters. (Hosted Games)
    Reason: Madness system and writing that make you wonder if something is out there to get your MC in any moment.

  • Scratch (Hosted Games)
    Reason: A drunk system where your character can cope with stress by drinking. That change reaction and attitude to people around you and also how lenient you will be in your investigation. Good writing that make you question who your MC can really trust.

  • Macabre Mansion (Hosted Games)
    Reason: really Simple writing but succeded in giving me the feeling of lost in a House full of Traps and “creatures” and not understanding what is happening and why to my MC. Feeling to “I want to get out” then horrible revealing twist at the end.

And Games that I personally found disturbing for the content of the story (but I still find interesting to read)]

  • NOLA Is Burning (Choice of Games)
    Reason: MC as the Mob Family “Butcher”. Disturbing Graphic killings while playing. MC can be extremely cold and non empathic (dead body counts of innocent bystanders). (I must admit the bit to the almost end of the game about the deal with the devil after being maimed to death and his “come back” to finish the job was kinda cool but this MC got me the creeps)

  • Neighbourhood Necromancer (Choice of Games)
    Reason: Undeads (described really in details) treated with superficiality by the teen necromancer. More focused on getting in his goth girl pants than to deal with him hiding zombified parents and other dead creatures in the basement.

  • Death Collector (Choice of Games)
    Reason: MC focused on collecting stories for the archive and have to cut out the Tongues from people who are dying (and are incentivated to do it while the poor folks are still alive)


Nothing comes near to Highlands, Deep Water. This chilled me, legitimately, in a manner so few other media has.

All the other COGS just aren’t that scary, personally.


I vote for…The fog know your name! Cose, been sleeping with a light since I read it :smile:


In The Parenting Simulator, your child can get into a car accident. How’s that for horror? :stuck_out_tongue: (Doubly terrifying if you already lost their father in that exact same way).


Now that I think about it, it is pretty scary.
Come to think of it, the pandemic update is also terrifying.
There is also the mundane fears that come up when your virtual child is growing up…


:wink: Anything that comes in mind is well accepted. And is an interesting choice as I said Fear is different from each individual. The perspective to lose a child (even in a game) by a sudden event is pretty terryfing.


the fog knows your name gave me chills! :scream:


Zombie Exodus, most definitely. While I’m not the biggest zombie fan. This genuinely got my heart racing a lot.


Metahuman Inc. Suddenly becoming a CEO is definitely scary.


i think the fog knows your name had me sleeping with the lights on for a week straight. shadow horror also did make my heart race because being alone in a house with a creature is a scary thought.


CoG game, Heart of the House
Theme: Soul, Other, Victorian horror

// personally didn’t feel scared except some claustrophobia, but I rarely get scared by spooky or creepy stuff. Regardless, it’s… sexy :slight_smile:

Hosted Wip (complete), Blood for Poppies
Theme: Flesh, Oppressor, Identity, Modern horror

// Again, it’s the claustrophobia of being trapped that unnerved me. But for most, I imagine having… that… on your back will be a chilling and revolting experience.

Hosted Wip (complete), Donor
Theme: Vampire, Oppressor, Modern thriller/horror

// This one actually unnerved me more than others. Maybe it’s because I had to play a female mc surrounded by dangerous men. Something more closer to reality than others. Thank god vampires are asexual here at least.

HoG, Dooms Day on Demand (1,2,3)
Theme: Zombie Creatures, Oppressor, Post Apocalypse

// You start out playing as a child. The world is horrible even before the bomb hits. You brush with some of the worst parts of society and humanity and make some questionable choices yourself. Things just keep getting worse. “Unrelenting” is the word to describe this game.

I also see a lot of mention on The Fog Knows Your Name. I’ve only played the first part of it despite beta-ing it, but it’s not the fear of the unknown that others keep mentioning that “scared” me enough not to buy the game, it was the fear of stats failure and the humiliation that was written into the game that I had to face with every stat failure. If we go by that fear, yes The Fog Knows Your Name was easily the scariest demo I’ve played and I’m not inclined to see what more it offers.


Highlands, Deep Waters. That game ruined my taste on CoG/HG horror games. It was chilling and unnerving and I loved every moment of it.

The Fog Knows Your Name was good too, Scratch really homered in the paranoia factor and Heart of the House was…interesting, but Highlands, Deep Waters was the best.


It wasn’t scary per se in the traditional sense, but when that little weasel Tomás showed up in Affairs of the Court, it was disturbing how downhill events went for my character. The mystery you investigate in Sordwin also had me unsettled. Neither of these were meant to be horror games necessarily; they just had “when I think about it, I’m not very okay right now” atmospheres at points, haha.


Good taste my friend.

How could I neglect mentioning the Evertree Saga. While it not may be that scary compared to Highlands, Deep Waters, it’s still quite a lot… thrilling.


I found some of Heart of the House very spooky, especially the ghost bits. I’m a sucker for ghosts!


Since all of you are mentioning High Lands, Deep Waters, are there anyone here who witnessed the only (?) jumpscare in the game? There was no audio but it did scare me for real.



It didn’t scare me so much as surprise me there was an jumpscare like that.


I never found Heart of the House to be that “scary.” What it did do was a great job of building up a sense of claustrophobia and the inevitability that things would come to a head one way or another.

High Lands, Deep Waters was definitely scary as hell in some parts, but other parts felt much more cheap and didn’t seem as scary upon repetition.

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When I saw the dead body I had to put my hand over the screen.


few Titles like the Evertree Saga I felt too that come out with some “scary” chapters written really well and Is quite right saying the scary scenes that leave an impact on the reader can come from games that were not meant to be Horror :wink:

For example for me the best Zombie scene I read for how surprising and well written it was (Is not a real Zombie :grin: ). It come from Creatures Such as We and is mostly by what I can say after reading it a Romance story set in space. Maybe Love too got some relative scary parts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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