In which CoG games can I play a very evil or violent character?

I prefer being the one who commits the violence.

Do you mean blood games?

@EJP_DragStar Try It’s Killing Time.

I think there’s a lot of room for experimentation in this regard, and something along these lines could provide a really interesting and fairly unique experience. Freddy/Jason/Michael Myers and their ilk are not on avenues that interactive fiction has trotted down too often to my knowledge, but not for lack of viability.

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I know this is a strange request, but it helps me lower stress, okay?
Violence, sexual content, self harm, mental harm, blood, abuse… Any and all of those things and more. You get the gist.

Ones I already know about (basically everything in the adult thread + more):
Land of Slaves and Steel
Green Warden
Fallen Hero
Mass Mother Murderer
The Passenger
Nascent Narcissistic Necromancer
Blood Hunter
Good Intentions
My Imaginary Friend

If not, just general angst will do too.


Hmm… :thinking: Have you tried any of these?


I’ve played all but Nothing left (to burn). Thanks! I’mma go check that one out.

Tin Star. Currently doing an evil playthrough and it’s lots of fun! :smiling_imp:

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Fallen hero is a pretty good game and it gets dark.

Is there any game where you can play as a corruptor. Which is when you make a hero evil like Palpatine and Anakin.

Lol not really quite like what you’re going for but if you’re a woman in war for the west and marry the Dullecs son, you can be a straight bitch and cuck him hard. Not exactly the same thing though lol. I think in the original zombie exodus of you go for the raider aesthetic it requires a lot of convincing and killing and you can kinda see the change in survivor’s demeanors and whatnot. I’m sure there are a few others I’m not thinking of atm

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In Grand Academy for Future Villains, you can turn Kinistra the heroic princess to evil.

Choice of Alexandria allows you to influence Ptolemy IV into becoming a bad and petty ruler as he grows up (though Ptolemy III must die for him to rule), though he is more just a jerk than explicitly evil.

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IIRC there are some pretty dark character options for Sword of the Slayer and Asteroid Run, depending on whether you’re more in the mood for Fantasy or Sci-Fi.


Not quite, but Choice of Alexandria has that flavor.

Fallen Hero
Tin Star
Killing Time
Zombie Exodus
Highway Wars
Critical Mass: Bridge


any new recommendations its been a year

Avatar of the Wolf maybe?
There are a lot of games here that you can be someone who is absolutely evil with no regard for other people’s lives but blood/gore is somewhat rarer.

Any kind of cog games that allow the player to play a warrior type or hold a weapon. If you’re looking for evil MC, then it would be better to find under the evil main character topics rather than killing people topic.

Hero or villain.
Demon recollect.

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Breach: The Archangel Job.