Monsters(WIP)- updated 04/27/17 -Link is updated

First off: This game contains ADULT CONTENT!!! It is a psychological survival horror, and intentionally contains content which some readers may find offensive. There’s a proper disclaimer in-game. But the warning is there. I’m choosing not to describe the content of the game because, honestly, I want it to be a surprise to anyone who has not read it but is intrigued. I want you to not know what to expect. wink

Regarding the Save Feature The save feature should work, but only as long as you don’t close out of the game or restart- you’ll be asked if you want to load your save at the very end of the game, before being taken back to the beginning.

Regarding Spoilers Attention! Please, if you discuss anything about something that is in the game, tell what it is you’re about to spoil outside the spoiler. Do this: About what I’m going to spoil: [ spoiler ] This would be a spoiler. [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces) Thank you! This will be helpful for people who have not discovered the same parts of the story that you have! There are going to be a lot of surprises, so please be courteous. Thank you greatly.

Progress Outline I plan to make the entirety of the game ten chapters long. This includes a number of different endings that can be reached, which will not be realeased here, but only as part of the final product when buying the game. However, everything up to that point will be released here, for your reading pleasure. It is my intent to at least try to pump out a new chapter every few months, though I don’t know if that goal is realistic or not. Regardless, I’ll update when I feel there is enough new content for an update to be worthwhile, and potentially flash-updating to fix any problems pointed out to me. Please, do report anything suspicious in the story, from continuity to spacing to simple spelling. It’s a lot of work to synch everything up!

Q: Any plans for character customization?
A: - Yes and no, but the easy answer is, no. I’ve chosen to only allow you to choose your character’s sex and name outright. You can also choose your character’s orientation, though that is actually… flexible, to some extent, through the game. You can choose your character’s personality, however- but each of the names you choose is a distinct, individual MC, and all of them ‘simultaneously’ exist within the story. There are Easter-eggs only available to one or two of the various names, and that does include putting your own name in. Why I’ve done this is to attempt a more realistic interwoven feel for the setting. In real life, you aren’t able to select who you are- but most of us take it for granted. We do, however, all choose how we are. And I want that to be central to the story I’m telling. It also, I feel, gives a subtle sense of powerlessness, which I want for the horror-nature of the game. However! Later in the story, you may have the option of choosing what clothes you wear, or getting a haircut! Cool, huh? If you don’t like the names for the MCs, I’m sorry… think of them as NPCs. If one of them isn’t filling the role, another one of them would- because… they all actually exist as characters in the story, even if you aren’t playing them.

Q: ACK! Cliffhanger! When will you update!!!1
A: chuckle Don’t you feel lucky? Having won the popular vote, this WIP will be updated regularly-ish. I will go by amount of content, rather than timeframe, though hopefully I won’t span eons between updates.

Q: How long do you plan on making this story? Will it be published?
A: I DO want to finish this story and publish it! Being under the Hosted Games label I entirely believe that I can, but with the questionable content contained within, I do not know if it will be able to be distributed via all of the regular platforms. Thus, that much remains to be seen. As for average word count- that is going to be difficult to determine, because there will be a lot of bad endings which will basically terminate the game early, and obviously lead to a lower word count. I want to aim for an average word count that is over 100k on a playthrough. However, this might mean that some parts of the story end up being over 250k words. In all honesty: I don’t know. One thing I can tell you is that a full game will involve a road trip in game all the way to California and back- probably, roughly, a couple of months of in-game time. In some cases, that could be shorter. But at full-length, it’ll go ten chapters.

I will continue to update the story until the epilogue. There will be many endings you can achieve, but I’ll tell you upfront I’m going to use that to get you to buy the game when it’s done. wink

Q: Can we ask you questions about the story? Stuff that isn’t written yet or your thoughts about certain things and such?
A: Yes, absolutely! If it’s something already written, I’ll be very forthright. If it’s something that hasn’t been written yet, I’ll hint at it, but might not give it away directly. Feel free to discuss anything you like about the story! Just please keep in mind the spoiler alert.

Q: Why do I keep dying? Person X says they didn’t die at this point, why can’t I get past it?
A: Well… How do I put this…? Every single choice you make, and I mean -every- one, is affecting your stats in some way. And that also affects how the different characters react to you, what they think of you, and in some cases, how you react to them. So one little different choice might create a butterfly effect and lead to something different for you. I will say, however, that after chapter 1, it becomes MUCH more important what the other characters think of you. Because if one gets too low, you’re going to die. I’ll just straight up tell you that. It’ll make things easier for you. ^_^’

Q: I found something that seems really weird or strange to me in the game. Should I let you know?
A: Yes! Please. I had a very devoted crew of beta testers working on it for CScomp, and myself, and we still missed some things I would have liked to have caught. So if anything at all in the game seems off somehow with regards to continuity, or grammar, or there’s a spelling error or missing word or anything of the sort, yes, please post that in this thread! And thank you so very much for doing so! Please note, however, that characters who are speaking may, at times, purposefully not speak with correct grammar, or may talk in an unusual way. However, if in doubt, better to mention something than wonder.than wonder.


Out of all the sad and horrible things that could happen.
Not getting a chane to play DnD with Sam is the worst arguably.

Also if our relationship stat goes too low we die!
We are currently trapped in a den of lust murder pride wrath and evil!
My MC can’t handle being anything like these people!


About being anything like these people: As the game progresses, you will have the option to either play along, potentially becoming more like them in the process (or not) - or secretly fighting against what they’re doing, while trying to survive. It may be that you don’t become anything like them. Or, maybe, you do. evil laughter

Also… I totally feel your pain with the D&D. It’s been years since I’ve last gotten to play, m’self. T_T


Seems great so far! I love your writing style, and your character feel very real. Especially Sonya, I know a few girls in college a lot like her. I came across this error when bunking with Sean and him asking me what my religious views are

Also I did not exit the browser but the game said


@alliebee Okay. First off, thank you very, very much for reporting these.

The first issue should be fixed now, give it a try. : )

The second unfortunately is an issue with the CS framework and not something I can actually help, at all, at present. It required me to add a line of script to my game’s index file, which… you don’t have on your computer. : ( I’m sorry, for now just click ‘no’. It will work for me, but not for anyone else- I’ll just remove it entirely with the next update, until I find a better solution.


Psychological survival horror… you have my attention.


I didn’t know the genre when I first read it, and the end of the demo had really caught me by surprise, it really was well done how it turns so quickly


Laughs sadistically That must’ve been a massive shock for you then!
Also, Monsters is coming along great!


Really gave the full effect that way… maybe it should be marketed as a lifesim or something.


XD That… would be just evil.

I must keep it in mind

You should list it as a calm, realistic Alter-ego type game, and that the name is symbolic for the evil in everyone or something, (y’know, instead of something you are going to be sacrificed to) It’d be great to see people’s comments on the app!!

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I can just imagine… marketing it as ‘Slice of Life’. Of course, people would get suspicious when they see the ‘Adult Content’ disclaimer on the front page, because some people just don’t fool easily. It would be a barrel full of schadenfreuderic laughs, though. I actually wonder if this would be an effective thing to do or not?? When the game is actually finished.

‘You’ve been chosen to accompany some of your new college friends during their Summer vacation. What kind of adventures will you get up to during your two-month vacation? There are bound to be a few twists and turns along the way, and some wild adventures! Who will you be friends with? Who will become your rivals? What will you discover on your Summer vacation?’

XD Yeah, that actually sounds like a wonderful advertisement to me. : P Though some people would probably skip it because it looks ‘boring’. XP


I’m literally about to pee my pants what is this game and how did this all escalate so quickly? This is so beautiful, thank you.


Is it supposed to be a download

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Ah, I see what you meant. Forgot to edit the link, apparently. There we go.

Say the adult scenes are for the explicit romance scenes and such, not the Murder and the stabby stabby part. And have at te VERY bottom of the page on the app that there are scenes of violence, since you have still told the audience although most don’t always read the entire description


Could you put that in spoilers, please? Thank you. Even though anyone reading through comments would probably click it anyway.


…I should know this by now, but how do you put stuff in spoilers?

XD Description of how to do so is at the top of the thread under the section ‘regarding spoilers’

But navigating is hard i do on my phone-- just tell me the tags