Are there any CoGs or hosted games, with a mass murderer as mc?


As stated in the topic, Iwould like to know if there are any choice of games or hosted games, where the mc is a mass murderer or just murderer.


There isn’t any published game where the MC is exclusively a Mass murderer but @Samuel_H_Young 's writing a WiP Mass Mother Murderer [Teaser, 3k words] you might want to check out


There’s the potential for the MC to become one in the hosted game ‘A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight.’


You could play it this way in ZESH by killing the characters whenever you get the chance to. (Probably won’t go well for you though.)


Zesh? What does this short cut stands for?


Zombie Exodus Save Haven


You can kill a lot of people in Choice of Rebels, but the game doesn’t really offer the option to play as a psychopath.

Anyone played Killing Time or NOLA is Rising? Do those count?


Choice of Dragon? You’re eating people alive and burning things lol


The MC In Samurai of Hyuga kills a lot of people, and the games can be pretty violent.


Maybe you can in Life of Mobster, though I’m not really sure myself since I never play MC like that.


It’s Killing Time, you play as a hired assassin who can kill a lot of people.


Well as the Sniper would say, “I’m an assassin dad not a crazed gunman.”


Probably “Neighbourhood Necromancer”, you can basically eradicate the entire town if you want to. :man_cook:

You can even kill your ROs


the invaders always get me when i take this path… no matter what choice i make during that scene…


You can murder, or cause the murder of, an awful lot of people in Tin Star if you so choose.


Fallen Hero. You can choose to be indifferent to civilian casualties during your villainous debut or even deliberately target them. In the next 2 books it’s apparently planned for the MC to be able to kill the heroes.

Plus it’s well written so that you hopefully feel a teensy bit bad.


No i did not feel bad, but i am waiting for the second


Seconding Tin Star, you can murder many innocents, and cause the murder of many more innocents.

What I like about the game is that it rolls with your choices and seamlessly works your mass murdering into the legend of your MC, in an entertaining way. The author was quite diligent.


I forgot what I did but I somehow summoned all the undead under the town and obliterated everyone. :clown_face: welp, that was fun.


Well, why don’t you create your own?