The Petal Hides the Thorns


You are a woman of humble origins, trained to become a spy for the USSR. The mission: infiltrate McCarthy-era America. You’re what the red scare fears the most, and you are able to use espionage, persuasion and seduction to twist American fears of communism towards your nation’s goals. Meet famous military and government officials, assassinate important people (no actual historical figures, as that would probably be in bad taste), hand out Soviet and socialist propaganda, infiltrate government offices, spread rumors of Soviet power, and accuse others of communist sentiment in order to keep suspicion off of you. All of this while you avoid being executed for the spy you are. The feds are hot on your trail, but you’re always a step ahead.

Not strictly historically accurate where fiction is more interesting. The main character is female, but the player can define her personality, actions and attitude. You’ll also get to choose your code name, real name, and American name.

No. I am NOT abandoning/quitting Blood for Poppies. This is just a game I’m going to work on once BFP is complete. I’m not sure if people would actually be interested in it. Since it’s recent history I feel like I could almost be treading a fine line, but it’s an era that doesn’t get enough literature, and it’s a really interesting time to me.


y a women :-(( i want to be a man


This sounds like it will be really cool. I agree that this time of history doesn’t get a lot of attention (maybe it is still too sore a subject, or perhaps people tend to forget such things…)

McCarthy-ism was terrible, ruined the lives of many Americans because their name was smeared as being Communists and sympathizers…it will be very different and thrilling coming at the era/scenario from the other side of the coin.


A lot of McCarthyism was hype, and McCarthy epitomized the foolishness of the time. Still, it’s an interesting era. You have a lot of political unrest and fear, and there really were spies on both sides (the USSR and the US). Of course, the number of spies there actually were was ridiculously overhyped, and the public awareness of them was manipulated by those who sought to benefit from making the public scared.

I’m not going to go deeply into the politics, as that’s still very sore, and there’ll probably be only glancing looks at actual historical figures.


I dont mind playing as a female if the game is good


no me want male plz farside let us chose our sex



I’ll think about it. It could probably work with both sexes. I kinda wanted to dig into something with a female focus, but I’ll definitely consider making both sexes an option.




Might I also make a small question? Could we be a double agent?


Awesome a great plot! A question could be diferent comunism backgrounds? For instance from a fall noble family, a farmer, from a soviet family but your father killed by Stalin Trosky style.



Why not? That’d be fun if your character had the choice to defect to the American side or to trick the Americans into thinking she’s on their side.


Different backgrounds are in the plan.

It’s all very sketchy now, of course. I’ll have to finish Poppies before moving on to this.


Being able to play as a soviet spy is cool.

And it amuses me to think that it would be female-character only. Hahahaha!


Whooooo Russia !!! Russia issss cool
And the story sounds verry good


Ah, the hysteria nations may descend into when they lack aristocratic reserve.

I would urge you to keep this game female-only, since you may then realistically express the seduction and persuasion aspects. Giving a male option here would simply involve changing “She” to “He” throughout the work, and creating a character that nobody feels attached too because their gender doesn’t quite match their actions or surroundings.


@Drazen a male can be very persuasive… Rusia use a lot of charming cubanos and rusian male to seduce cia secretaries woman but first men to blackmail them.Thinking that a man cant seduce is machism.


Nah he is just sexist.


Sounds interesting… But you Aren’t going to abandone blood for poppies, are you?



She says she isn’t in her first post. So don’t worry this is just her next project.


Ok. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.

@Farside I enjoyed Blood for Poppies and look forward to this project when you get to working on this one too :slight_smile: