Whatever You Can Still Betray (Spy WIP)

Hi, everyone! My name is Alice, and this is probably a little premature to announce, but there’s nothing like announcing something publicly to really keep yourself committed.

I’m working on a realistic CIA-based game where you play a CIA case officer navigating the Agency after a major terrorist attack rocks the building physically and emotionally. The game is based on my personal experiences with said organization, and I hope it will offer a unique and interesting view into the life of a clandestine CIA officer.

So far I’ve done the prologue and the outline, along with fleshing out all of the NPCs. Hope to have a beta up within the next 3 months (pending clearance of classified material because you never know). Will keep you updated!


“Do you know what love is? I’ll tell you: it is whatever you can still betray.”
― John le Carré, The Looking Glass War


Looks interesting. :slight_smile:

What exactly is your experience with the CIA?

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Ah, well, I worked there.


:grinning: a CIA employee working on a CIA game…imma go cry tears of joy…


wow… look interesting !! Good luck :grin:

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Well yeah, but I was asking for specifics. Like, what you actually did. Unless of course you can’t say or don’t want to say, which is fine, and in which case I’m sorry for prying. :zipper_mouth:

I was actually bemoaning the lack of spy fiction in COG not too long ago, so this is nice timing. I’ll look forward to your game. :slight_smile:

Haha I probably sounded like a creep too, sorry about that! I’ll leave it there for now but should be able to share more later.

I hope I can achieve something fun if not revelatory out-- I’ve been wanting to do this for forever, but time usually is not on my side. Now I’ve committed to it, so we’ll get there!


I believe @faircruelty may be like a James Bond type; and cannot tell us until we are, through a wide variety of hijinks, unintentionally pulled into their secret mission, and during this, we will discover that maybe, just maybe, we are more capable than we believe ourselves to be.

And in the end, we will all be on a beach, drinking fruity drinks as we listen to the calm passersby, who are unaware that we risked everything and succeeded in saving their lives.

In all seriousness, I have an intense love for spy works, and I really hope this game comes out! I’m going to follow it obsessively.


Weirdly this is what my resume says … but seriously, I’ve committed to it now on the internet, so it shall come to pass.

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Not at all!

I’m hyped. :grin:


She would have to kill you if you knew. :neutral_face:

On another note, really interesting to see where this WIP goes.

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Purely out of curiosity, as a (former) member of the IC are you truly at liberty to create work based on mission work?


Changing names places does most of work, and you can always alter details.

Indeed? That’s certainly an intriguing prospect.

This seems interesting, have I said that already?

Well, I’m going to follow this just because of the le Carré reference.

Such a great author :spy: I highly recommend The Spy Who Came in from the Cold to anyone interested in this WIP!


This sounds really cool but I’m surprised you can do this, my dad did some work for MI5 and the made him sign the official secrets act which basically means they can throw him in jail if he ever talks about it.


thing is while you cant use the exact operation and stuff you can still write spy things using your experiences. you just create another story instead of writintg the one you lived throught.