Secret Agent WIP- need opinions/testers


I have been working on a secret agent choice game, and I would like to know everyones opinions on it. You are playing as a male(I’ll try to make female available later, but at the moment your stuck as a guy.) I know my writing needs a little work, and the game certainly needs polish on what is available now. If people like it I’ll work on it more. The character your playing as is in the CIA, which I neglected to mention in the game itself. I tried to write it with a few stereotypes in mind- perfect car being one of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you like it:


{“error”: “Invalid path exception: u’/Public/web/mygame/index '”}

Is what I get when I try


Same… {“error”: “Invalid path exception: u’/Public/web/mygame/index '”}
Like the idea though…


@stsword you cant just click the link- you have to copy and paste the whole line. when I do that it works fine for me.


Thanks for the head up patera.

Okay, first error, when I decided to rescue the receptionist it crashed the game.


When I copy and paste it still don’t work


@stsword- ill try to get that fixed.

@blackheart- it worked for stsword apparently, so I dont know what to tell you.


Perhaps it’s his browser? Someone was having trouble with that in Unnatural, with an option just not working in their browser.


same error in safari and unnatural works fine in my phone, I will try in opera browser to see it works

edit not working in opera too the copy paste the link redirect me a other page


I managed to get it to work alright. Seems like it could be an interesting game once there is more of it. I assume it’s only supposed to go to the part where you decide how to deal with Grey?


I can’t get it to work. I’m using Safari.


Working as intended in both Safari and Mercury browser, on both iPad and iPhone. Those that said otherwise are either not copying the whole link properly or perhaps the problem is unrelated to browser.

Edit: it’s not working on any browser now


It works fine if you copy and paste the address, including the “(2).html” at the end. For some reason he’s using a copy of the index file instead of the original.


Just checked, it’s all working as intended, again.


after write direction by myself works a good story tell too faster for me but with a little polish will be a good story at first I don’t have any idea of nothing about the story


the demo continues with choicescript animal.txt scene that with tigers and lion


Lol, I’ve had a similar game in development for a couple weeks now. Isn’t that crazy. Anyways, I like it.


@marajade my bad. just ignore that for now, it wont stay like that. I know its fast, im planning on fixing that later. Right now its just a sample.

@Shoelip The story is supposed to end at whatever you chose when you get to Grey, it isn’t supposed to go on any longer for now. When its done I’m planning on having ten missions. A tall order I know, I probably have a year or two of work ahead of me considering I cant work on it 24/7 because of school and other things.

@TIYF great minds think alike xD


Found an error if you torture him then let him live:

line 103: bad label lethimlivereport


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