Have Human, Will Travel! (SYP sequel WIP) - Demo available!

Editing the original thread post to include a link to the extended demo for convenience (or copy and paste below)! Enjoy!


That’s right, folks. Hold on to your demonic butts, I finally felt confident enough to give the next game in the SYP series its own thread.

Beta testing phase 1 has commenced!

New demo posted! Harder, better, faster, stronger!

Rough draft demo is now closed and we are working on prepping for beta testing (as well as finding a new host for those files now that Dropbox is decommissioning such services, boooooo). If anyone else still wants to volunteer to test for us, let me know! Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

We’re planning to run a closed beta, not because we want to exclude anyone or keep things super secret, but because I want to have a number of preprogrammed character paths whose individual progress and bugs I can narrow down and track comprehensively in lieu of an actual saved game load. Meaning, anyone participating will still be able to use the new character creator, but one group might be able to access a “benevolent” character load, or one where Sidney was romanced, versus an “aggressive” or even “evilish” run where maybe Sidney didn’t continue on at all.

I know some forum members have already volunteered to beta test for us, which is super exciting! Others who are interested can add to this thread or PM me, so I can start to get an idea of how many people will be participating. IF you want to post a preference for what kind of preset “save” flavor you’d be interested in sampling, I’m happy to entertain suggestions, but in order to get an even spread for each, I cannot guarantee you will be matched with your preference, so please keep that in mind. Like most authors here, I assume, the more invested you are in helping us improve the game, the better the final product will be for everyone and I appreciate anyone who wants to provide us with thoughtful feedback! :kissing_closed_eyes:

I can’t wait to start sharing the next game with everyone AND reveal the contributions of our charity auction winner! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please let me know I will try to address them ASAP. And, of course, you can always contact us or stay updated through the Facebook page. THANK YOU!!! :smiley:


Glad to see it!!

And it’s a brilliant idea to run tests on a number of preprogrammed character paths! I might have to steal that.


Ha ha, thank you and by all means, please do if it works for ya!

I know you’re probably in a similar situation, where there are transfer variables I definitely want to test for, but playing the first game would be a prerequisite for the more extreme outcomes, so this seemed like a happy medium. Might make play testing a little more interesting, too, since they can compare and contrast the differences between an established and newly created character, since we wanted to accommodate being able to get into the story as both.


I am so excited for this one! I really cannot beta test even if I wanted to because I don’t know how to Beta and what is expecred of me and I cannot, for the love if anything good, find grammar mistakes (because mine is atrocious). On the other hand, I will be a patient fan who will play every update you’ll post and I’ll be that person to tell you that you are amazing and that you can finish this :heart: Much love for you and your work. Good luck and I hope those bumps on the road didn’t delay your trip to much :slight_smile:


It’s finally here! I literally just had a heart attack when I saw this. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I read the first book and I thought it was amazing and now a second is already in the process of being written. I’m so excited to see Sydney, Vex, and Eli again! :heart_eyes: This is definitely one of my all time favorites. The writing is fantastic and I love all the little jokes you throw in and the sense of humour mixed in with a little bit of seriousness.


i would love to beta test, i loved the first volume it was awesome one of the best game i’ve played here

Thank you! Added to the list! You’ll be messaged with a link and info in a month or two, once we have enough testers and a beta ready. :slight_smile:

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Yes! Yes! Finally. :imp:
I had a lot of fun and laughs playing the first game that I was sad that I couldn’t play a sequel cause it wasn’t available, but now I’m so excited. :smile:

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Yeee! So excited to see more on the sequel! I offer myself as tribute for beta testing if you need anymore! If not I’ll just be sitting on the edge of my seat replaying the first one again to get ready for the next!


Added to the list! Updates to come. :slight_smile:

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Yes! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this!

You, Madame, have had me in love with the game ever since it first came out!

I was once a pizza delivery boy myself… for only a month… but I never had such an eventful thing happen to me… Well I did get shot once, but I never actually met a demon!

I mean, holy shit, you are awesome!

I wish to participate! I’ll give you anything! My heart! My soul! My ex-girlfriend even!


LOL! I don’t actually take the souls, that’s demon work. I’m just the middlewoman that gets everyone hooked first. :wink:
Tony was definitely inspired by his own weird summer of delivery work, don’t think he was ever shot at, though (yikes). Glad you’ve enjoyed it so far! Added and thank you!


Welp, this whole anti-rendering Dropbox issue has put a bit of a speed bump in our road toward beta testing, but we’re actively looking for other hosting solutions. So, those who have volunteered, never fear! We still plan to go ahead as scheduled sometime in October unless you hear otherwise directly from me (but why, oh, why could these changes not have gone into effect for another few months? :disappointed_relieved:). Oh, well!


Don’t worry, it’s put a bit of stir on all of us using dropbox… Including me. Apparently if it puts a speed bumb on you, it’s put a ramp on mine (and I’m driving a 40 cc scooter :worried:)…

I am moving to DashingDon, but I myself has been troubled with coding problems where string variables do not print as *goto labels… Heh, and here I thought I didn’t have to worry about this :sweat:

In any case, I bid you all best of luck! Much fortune! And have a good day! :smile:

P.S.: …And to think that dropbox will put it into effect on the same month you’re releasing your playtest on the SAME month… wow, what an awful coincidence…

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That’s what *gotoref is for.


Oh wow, I never have ever in my everl-ived life find anything like that… wow…Thank you SO much, this certainly saved me! I am currently searching for it in ChoiceScriptDev as I write… I don’t know if there’s a *gotoref_scene or something like that, but for now have found a solution… making a label for each chapter to go to that chapter… It’ll make things more difficult, but hopefully it’ll work just as well!

Again! Thank you so much!

Alright, so @dashingdon has updated it’s main site and can now print variables such as this…

*goto {checkpointlabel}
*goto_scene {checkpointscene} {checkpointlabel}

So yeah, so far I’m doing good with DashingDon, so if you want, you can either have your own website or post it on DashingDon.

In any case, I’m excited for the playtest/demo!

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Thanks. Glad it’s working for you! Out of the options I’ve seen, that is also the one I am leaning toward so far. In any case, still some work to do yet, but hopefully this slight change in plans hasn’t cost us too much time. :slight_smile: Back to writing and editing I go!

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I’m definitely interested in the beta! I loved the first game, and I’d like nothing more than to be a part of the growth of the sequel in any way I can.

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Oh me too! I would love to be a part of this :slight_smile: