Wolf set free WIP - CHAPTER TWO

UPDATED 30/01/2024


You are a packless werewolf, imprisoned and kept as pet for years by the clan of supernaturals that rule over the city. One day, a pack arrives at the liar and, as soon as they see you, they know your only option is for them to take you in.


  • customise your gender, sexuality and physical aspect

  • play as an alpha, a gamma or an omega wolf

  • bond with your new pack and with your new pups

  • defend your pack from the evil supernaturals that lure in the city


Bela Colnan

Status: alpha

Gender: selectable, trans M or F

Age: 34

Description: Bela is around 179 cm in height, with a toned built, porcelain skin, ginger very long wavy hair and dark green eyes.
They wear an eyepatch to cover their left eye, though the entire side of their face is marked by deep claw mark. Another scarred area is their abdomen.

Temperament: They are protective, nurturing though also fierce and ruthless when the safety of the pack is concerned. They proved to be quite welcoming but cautiously observant at the same time.
They fathered/mothered the four pups of the pack.

Wolf form: small, with a bright ginger long fur.

Kesha Colnan

Status: beta

Gender: selectable M, F or NB

Age: 28

Description: They have fair skin, chin-length straight dark hair they dye white at the tips (they often keep them out of the way with hair pliers), blue eyes and a lean built.
They can often be seen wearing protective amulets and protective temporary tattoos.

Temperament: Kesha is often anxious, hovering over their packmates to be sure of their safety or just scared something bad is going to happen.
They cherish their comfort zone, bit they would do anything for the Alpha. They harbor a love for card games, especially complex RPGs.

Wolf form: medium sized, with short grey fur and white paws/legs.

Indigo Bellaria

Status: delta

Gender: M or F

Age: 32

Description: Indigo is a crossdresser, wearing only feminine clothes if M or masculine one if F.
They are around 1.84 m tall, with a beige complexion, curly black hair and dark brown eyes. They have a muscular but soft built.

Temperament: They have a spicy attitude, playful with the pups and a bit confrontational with everyone else (often just for show). They are a loner and enjoy their time with themselves, though they’d miss the pack terribly if they were separated.
Despite what they might want others to believe, they have a major need to provide for them in any way, with gifts, food or comfort.

Wolf form: big and powerful, with a curly spotted black and white fur (like a cow, ironically)

Rating: 17+

DEMO: https://dashingdon.com/play/light-night/wolf-set-free/

(Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2)

Total word count (without code): 12k words

Updates Log

Prologue: october 2022
Chapter 1: november 2022
Chapter 2: october 2023


The premise is intriguing, I am curious to know where this is going. Good work so far! :+1:

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And bookmarked. It’s short but it has hooked me


A nice concept I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


Lets goooo more Werewolf content!




I had to do the same.


I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm about this, it means a lot.

I know the direction I want this story to take, but honestly the ROs are still not that formed apart from a couple (the alpha of the pack who found you and a delta)


Just read it and its decent so far, excited for more.

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just read the entire thing and i’m hooked already, cant wait for chapter 1


This could come from actually lore/mythology, or some other reason, so if it is just ignore me:

I think the wolf sizes are almost contradictory to their role/personality. The alpha is the smallest, but in nature, hierarchies usually put the largest or strongest in power. And the Omega are the largest, but they seem to be the least practiced. They’re also very maternal/paternal. To me, it seems like they should be switched around.

Again, this could be based off of something, or have a specific reason. If that’s the case, just ignore me.


It’s a good start at least but it’s too short to get a proper feel for story. That said i like the fact we get the choice to pick what wolf we are instead of a boring standard


The reasoning, in this setting at least, is practical and due to the specific role alpha and omegas have in a pack.

While Alphas are smaller, this allows them to be more agile and have great maneuverability in pack hunts. They are made to attack rather than defend and to do so in collaboration with the rest of the pack. A bigger frame would have them an obstacle to their packmates.

While Alphas are not big, they are certainly the strongest kind of werewolf, with a powerful bite and an insane resistance to harm.

On the other side are Omegas. They are big in size since their role is a defensive one, they often end up being the last protection between harm and the pups and as such they need to physically block anything that might come their way.

While they can become lethal opponents when their pups are threatened, they are also unfit to lead because of their otherwise meek temperament (as shown in the prologue by how an omega MC reacted to imprisonment).

(This is, at least, how I planned the pack roles)


A a new werewolf story! Yay

I have a few questions:

In your story are werewolfs full shifters or bipedal, how big do they get?

Can werewolfs change someone with a bite or are they born?

Are there any characteristics that that will give away that you are a werewolf? (in human form)

In the description it says bond with your puppies, are they packs or the mc pups?

In the demo it says that our old pack left us because we became weight more than a resource, can you please elaborate or expand on that part? Is there some pathological reason why we couldn’t contribute to the pack, you could also give the players a choice how they feel about the abandonment, like resentful, accepting, indifferent? (just a suggestion)


Well not much here yet, but seems interesting.

I do like being furry, and I do like biting stuff.

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I think the premise sounds pretty good but there’s not enough out yet to really give an opinion on yet. Hoping to see more in time and perhaps I’ll have something more to say then. Again, good take on the genre looking forward to how this develops

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In this story, werewolves are for the most part full shifters in a wolf form very similar to a normal wolf. It can happen, in cases of intense negative emotions, for them to not complete the shift. This half-shifted status has them still on all fours but wil an anatomy more similar to a bipedal creature.

They cannot change with biting. Werewolf are born as such from other werewolves and not turned. (Something instead true for other supernaturals)

Werewolves do try to pose as regular humans, so it’s difficult to spot one. Maybe you could suspect it because of the protective amulets they wear or because of their life in packs that are often quite big (more than 10-15 members) and very bonded.

The pups are all biological children of the alpha, though they are considered to belong to the pack as a whole so they’ll become yours as well once you are integrated.

Ah, yes, my intention is to let your MC mention to a RO/pack member the reason for the abandonment (maybe because of a physical or mental health problem)
You’ll be also able to choose how to react as you suggested


While wolves in nature don’t have alphas & omegas the leaders of the pack tend to be the strongest not always the biggest wolves of the pack. They also tend to be the parents of the rest of the pack members thus have grown up listening & learning from them. There are also those that take care of the pups primarily while other wolves go out to hunt. These wolves aren’t always the biggest of the pack but they can be. Eventually young wolves grow up & go off on their own to form their own pack. Also when moving wolves tend to keep the pups & elderly in the middle so the stronger members of the pack can quickly move to form a protective barrier around more vulnerable members of the pack. The way ur pack sound like is the alphas are the leaders & primary protectors, the omegas are the caretakers of the pups & more vulnerable members of the pack while also aiding the alpha in protecting the pack, & lastly the gamma is primarily the hunters for the pack which I think is cool since the MC can use their abilities, along with their choices, to help their new pack


We get to be wolfpuppies? :face_holding_back_tears:

And dang, master, smart idea there to introduce me as a captive to my own kind.

Whatcha trying to do except to ruffle some fur in a very bad way and result in a forceful jailbreak?

(Hubris, man, bites you hard in the ass like a werewolf pack) :wolf:


Oh sweet, another werewolf WIP to keep an eye on; and just before Halloween! Here’s my favorite werewolf themed song in celebration!