Wolf set free WIP - CHAPTER TWO

I love how depending on which type of wolf we are determines how we interact with those who imprisoned us. I’ve picked Gamma for my first playthrough but I wouldn’t mind doing more playthroughs with the alpha & omega routes. Seen as too aggressive to be let out of our cage if we’re an Alpha could be interesting to see how our new pack sees us. Will they see us as nothing more than a wild animal due to being in captivity for so long? Or will they be more sympathetic towards us & try to help us reclaim our more human side again? If we chose Omega will they see us as too broken & docile to help? Or will they try to show us that we can use our caretaker nature to help both ourselves & the pack in either our wolf form or human form? Lastly if Gamma will they see as a potentially lost werewolf that has given into our animal side after so long due to us being brought in to see them while chained up like an animal or will they see us as a patient hunter that has been broken to some degree due to our captivity but that they can help us reclaim ourselves by taking us in? Pls feel free to use any of this for ur story if u want to. I just like to think about how interesting stories will play out. Also I suggest a save system so players can explore all three routes & help proofreaders find any errors within the story



There was a small bug that caused for the gamma and omega wolves a paragraph explaining how their captivity was handled not to display.

It’s fixed now!


Can’t wait to read more🥰

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The premise is very intriguing, I bookmarked. I’m really looking forward to the update.

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What you mentioned is definitely a plot point! The pack role is very important in the game, and since it is so defining each role will be perceived and then integrated in a different way. (You caught on the base of it!)

A save system is definitely the next thing I want to add. I am a beginner though, and I am struggling a bit to understand how to implement it


woah! that was good! i really enjoyed what you got here despite it being short. really enjoyed the omega mc and the paragraph explaining how docile they are to being captured, while i wouldve preferred the gamma mc with a good balance of the other two options, im just really into submissive mc’s lmao. cant wait for more. really pumped to see how the pack would react to different mc’s


Love the demo yo far. LETS GOOOOOO WEREWOLVES!!!

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I did consider also doing Omega as my first playthrough too but like the idea of being a sneaky Gamma first. Then I’ll do the other two afterwards


Love the idea of this


Thanks it felt weird that the alpha was the only one with a origin story


yeah, i did gravitate to the gamma first since that seemed like the most reasonable to choose and since sneaky doggo. all the different options are good and makes me wanna do different playthroughs


This is an interesting story, really hooked me in quickly. I can’t wait for more, keep up the hardwork!

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Isn’t the gamma the rarest one. It won’t rare for long with the amount of mcs using it lol


It has an interesting proposal, I’m looking forward to more.

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yeah lmao. at least we are guaranteed it wont go extinct now :sweat_smile:


Though it’s short, it has some nice potential. I’ll be eyeing it :eye:

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Oh this sounds epic. Really looking forward to updates

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Omg is there even someone playing the alpha?:sweat_smile:


I mean the healing factor does sound appealing, but I’m going with gamma first


I probably use that one later after I’m done being a ninja with the gamma.