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I’m writing a game about “Floriography” (Language of flowers) in this story your character is a fresh graduate from a “Floral Design School” with an “Associate’s Degree in Floral Design and a Certificate in Floral Design” (Hey this is a true degree and certificate :wink:)

Your MC has always dreamed of owning their own floral shop. The MC’s great grandmother just died when the MC graduates and left them her floral shop. The MC’s first job is to arrange flowers for their great grandmother’s funeral. Inheriting the floral shop has its ups and downs.

The story is aimed to be light heartened game, but I could make it weird?

That’s the gist of it. I have written about 25% of the game and hoping to post a demo when I reach half of it done.

Not sure if it is an interesting story, but it seems cute at least to me. What do you guys think?


I love the idea of floriography and flower-arranging as a central theme! :slight_smile: Will there be other characters or relationships in the game? Stats? What would the goal or “winning” look like?

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Yes, there will be other characters that I’ll introduce to the game.

  • A grumpy money lender who gives you a year to pay out the loan you’ve taken out to jump start your flower shop.
  • Restaurant and business owners the MC needs to gain partnership.
  • Rival florist who’ll try to sabotage or upstart your efforts.
  • The MC’s hired employees to help them on their quest to restore the flower shop.
  • The MC’s siblings. Two sibling who can help or not.

Yes, MC can have romantic relationships with their employee, rivals, business partner, and potential customer. I have plotted out 8 possible romantic interest.

  • 2 Romantic interest are heterosexual.
  • 2 Romantic interest are homosexual.
  • 2 Romantic interest is bisexual.
  • 2 Romantic interest are asexual. (Note: One of them is considered gray-asexual which means that person experiences sexual attraction, but either not very often or only to a minimal extent. However, this romantic interest will not be open to exploring a sexual relationship with the MC or anyone at all. The other one is demisexual which means they feel sexual attraction to people with whom a close emotional bond has been formed. They can enjoy intimacy, but do not actively seek it out and often they require a deep personal connection with the MC before being intimate.)

The stats of the game will involve shop popularity, shop condition, associates, mc’s relationships, monthly payment goal (For the loaned out money), and MC’s knowledge with floral arrangements.

  • Shop popularity is if the shop is doing well or not.
  • Shop condition is the project to restore the shop or beautify it to attract customers. This can influence the shop popularity bar.
  • Associates are business partners the MC made a deal with. Example are for restaurants, they will commission you to deliver fresh flowers every week or have you exclusively do their floral arrangement if they have occasions like weddings, parties, etc.
  • Mc’s relationships track their relationship with their family, and romantic interest.
  • Monthly payment is for paying out the loan money from the bank. (Mc is only given one year to pay it back else the lender will obtain a garnishment of the MC’s personal accounts and liens on their personal real estate or automobiles, etc.)
  • MC’s knowledge with floral arrangements will showcase the MC’s hands on knowledge in arranging flowers. This could range from traditional, oriental, modern, bouquets, baskets, and wreaths. This will also track the MC’s knowledge of different flowers. (Example: the flower anemone can be used to signify a person’s excitement, or it can signify losing hope and the flower gardenia can covey joy or secret love. The Mc needs to know the correct balance, making anemone the main focal point while gardenia the assisting flower, this means the arrangement conveys “the person giving the flowers are expressing their acceptance of not receiving their intendeds’ affection, but they are also expressing their joy for that person. Making gardenia the focal point while anemone is the assisting flower, this means the arrangement conveys “the person is expecting an answer from their intended or the person giving the flowers are anticipating their secret love/crush.)

Complex? Don’t worry I’ll made sure to add the cheat sheet located at the stats screen. The MC just lacks hands on experience when arranging flowers, but they do not lack the knowledge of the language of the flowers. Making flower arrangement is decision based as in you’ll be given four or five flowers ad you’ll decide what is the main flower vs secondary or assisting.

The goal of the game is for the MC to “Keep” the flower shop because that is their dream. To have their very own flower shop. Failing that goal does not mean game over, it could mean a new door for the MC. They could get discovered by some bigger floral shop and get hired or their associates makes them a permanent partner, etc.

The game is also gender locked to be played as female…. (I think that is going to turn off some players, but the reason behind it is because the MC’s great grandmother has a striking resemblance to the MC which is a condition for inheriting her flower shop. Great grandmother is an eccentric cookie.)

Hope that answered your questions :smile:


Oh my gosh, that sounds like so much fun!

I actually had a similar idea about a bakery, but with a more supernatural bent, but I also really love flowers! :blush: I really hope you post this because I’d play the crap out of it! :smiley:


Thanks for the vote of confidence. Ive’ written 25% of the game and I’ll post a demo when i reach 50% of writing. It should be coded by that time.

Good luck for with your bakery game if you ever decide to go for it. :blush:

I do promise to make the game not overly technical just a light heartened game that is not focused on raising stats to achieve a goal. :wink:


D’aw thanks.

Can I ask what the name will be so I can keep a lookout for it?

And if you’re waiting until you’re halfway done, are you going to do a private beta, or a public vetting of the first half and then figure things out from there?

I’m also super impressed that you’re written so much on your own. You must be really passionate about this game! I’m sure it’ll shine through! :smiley:


“Flora’s Floriography” will be the game title. It is the name of the player mc’s great grandmother.

I’m waiting to post before the game is half way so it would feel longer for the players to test play it. I will allow public game testing till 75% of the game. I’ll close it to private testing when the game is almost done.

I would highly appriciate feedback to improve the game. Once it goes live :roll_eyes:

I have a basic draft out about a year ago but dropped it since it was not well recieved in another forum​:confounded: Tried it here and it seems like some are interested. I’m just re-polishing npcs, plot, and practicing choicescript. :nerd_face:

I also have a “Certificate in Floral Design” which is why i’m comfortable with writing a flower themed game. :hugs:


Well, I’ll definitely be checking it out when you post it!

I also thought for sure the Language of Flowers would be the name. :thinking: It’s just so poetic. :blush: But I’ve always liked the name Flora, so I’m torn! :smile:


The game name can be translated to Language of Flowers as Floriography means that word. While flora means a flower that blooms on a certain region :grin:

The game title is a play in words and a tip of hat to the character flora. Flora the character and flora the flower tells the reader/player about the language of flowers. :blush: by letting the player play the game.


Not the literal, mythical Flora, by any chance? Because that would be awesome. :sunflower:


Inspired by the roman goddess flora. Chloris will be the rival’s great grandmother.


Definitely @ me when you’re ready for beta testers.

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I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a sci-fi fantasy game about entering a fancy virtual world and living an ideal second life?

As of right now, I only have the character customization done, but I’m planning the story and stuff for later.

I can at least talk about the customization:

  • write in your own name
  • choose your gender (male, female, NB, agender)
  • stats system
  • choose a body type
  • choose an attribute for your body

For those who are confused by the last three things, here’s what I mean. Given that it’s a virtual world meant to fulfill your desires, you should be allowed to be whoever or whatever you want to be. But this is a game made by one person, so that’s not happening. I have attempted to strike a balance between limitless freedom and manageable options by splitting customization into 2 sections and combining them with the stats system.

For example, you can choose to have a Centaur body type, and your base Speed and Defense stats will go up, while your base Stealth and Dexterity stats will go down. Then you can choose to have the Insectoid attribute, and your Defense and Stamina will go up, while your Charisma and Dexterity will go down. These combined stats are what you first go into the game with, and everyone will perceive and refer to you as a four-legged, exoskeletoned horse bug person.

Additionally, your body type and attribute will open unique story options and secret paths. For example, if someone runs away from you and you’re a Centaur, you can chase them down, or if you’re a Harpy, you can fly and track them from the air, but if you’re a Slime, you’re too slow and out of luck. Alternatively, if you are in a very cold place, having the Furry or Curvy attribute will protect you from the cold, while having the Fishy or Chameleon attribute will leave you vulnerable.

That part took a bit longer to explain than I thought it would. Anyway, as for the story, it’s still in its infancy, but I’m thinking you’ll start in a hub world and there’ll be a variety of themed worlds for you to explore one by one, with different climates, various activities for you to do, and people for you to meet. The overarching plot while you do all that would be that over time, the virtual world begins having problems, and it seems like the company that manages it isn’t telling you everything. You need to find the cause and stop it, either saving or destroying the entire virtual world in the process.

So, gauging interest. Would anyone like to play this game? I’m probably going to make it either way, to be honest, because it’s something I’m interested in, but I want to see what others think too.


I think that I would like a chance to play a slime. That could be a unique experience.


So idk if theres alot of COG supernatural fantasy games buuut i wanted to try my hand in one and no demo as of yet also warning long text below and if u have any questions or comments feel free to message me or tag me :slight_smile:

Guardians of the void

So i plan to make this story that has two universes that are connected but there is a void space that divides these two world. The difference of the two worlds is that one has supernatural as well as fantasy beings living in it and the other is just like the our world. The guardians are the people who protect both worlds and make sure that the people in both worlds dont cross over to the other or dire consequences abound. As well as being the only ppl allowed to survive without going insane while crossing the void world.

so like one day u wake up in an abandon alleway in the human realm without any recollection how or why u got there but right beside u u have one of the 5 objects, one which the guardians wield, depending on what u choose it can be a gun, scythe, sword, arrows, javelin. u pick it up and u proceed to ur daily life until an encounter with a being from the other world attacks u and u cn decide how u handle it nonetheless u meet up with a group of ‘normal looking people’ from a human agency who protects both world called the Guardians and they are accusing u of murder due to the lost weapon u are holding to prove ur innocence u have to find the person who is smuggling supernatural beings in the mortal realm and why.

Also it will be not gender-locked, roughly 6 romances (girls/boys) and unfortunately u play human


Sounds fun to play!! I hope you continue on with the idea! And I like playing with small handicaps (human)
Good Luck😁!

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Thanks will do my best too :D!



I have a story universe that I have plenty of character and story ideas for, but has a bit problematic-- because I see so many routes that I’ve struggled to pick just one canon-- and I think this might be the perfect medium for it. I call the project Awkward Superpowers.

Try not to gag. I know superheroes are the big writing craze lately. It’ll go back to werewolves or vampires or witchcraft soon enough, I’m sure. :stuck_out_tongue: My tiny personal twist is that everybody’s superpowers truly are awkward, for example the NPC who has superstrength-- but only while suffering an allergic reaction. He can be taken down with an Epipen.

My short-term plan is a game called Awkward Superpowers: Sidekick in which you are a superpowered teenager trying to find a mentor, relying heavily on your flexible homeschool schedule to let you patrol and fight when other teenagers would be in school or in bed. Of course, maybe you want a mentor to teach you how to be a great hero… maybe you just want to know their weaknesses before you take over the city… or maybe you just want friends. If the latest crisis doesn’t kill you, it might just help you reach your goals.

My middle-term plan is a short series of games titled Awkward Superpowers: [Title] that all take place around the same period in time (so like, within weeks or months of a previous storyline, or overlapping) but with as wide a variety of NPCs and themes as I can manage to tie together, so I can explore all the stories I want, with continuity between games, but without being restricted by the events of a previous game. Save files from previous Awkward Superpowers games would affect certain NPCs and background details, but nothing major; if no file from a previous AS is loaded, those details are filled in by a default backstory.

My long-term goal… if it’s possible, which I’m not sure it would be… is backwards compatibility of save files. So that you could play the games in any order, and the NPCs and background of every game would be affected by what you did in all the others (provided you load that save file). I don’t know if that’s possible, though, and it would be a very long-term goal.

I’m building this regardless of whether there’s interest, but is there interest? And, any suggestions/ warnings/ advice for the project?

P.S. Forgot to add that there’s an option to be sociopathic but NOT a villain or feared, for Sidekick. Other games would have their own quirk and disability options.


This concept is quite intriguing. I look forward to the demo!


Been story-boarding 2 games

political/adventure/kingdom management game based off Slavic society. Assist your brother in running the country you’ve inherited, protect yourself against foreign interests, quell rebellions, break down and build up conspiracies, and secure a future for your lineage.

Superhero team manager. As a fresh Case Officer you must work within your budget to build your small team of superheroes into an effective fighting force while fighting criminals and super-villains, and the ravenous hordes of the press

Any interest in either of these over the other?