Rokusuppo: Fighting/high school brawler style game?

From experience (i.e, my current WiP) introductions and prologues, e.g. choosing background, stats, gender, etc. should be very different (e.g. in my WiP you can start as an orphan, noble person, wizards apprentice, or with family, but all the stories are similar but in alternate universes (as in, in all situations house burn down; family members die.)

This, for little likely financial reward, takes a lot of effort, however most people I’ve shown it to say it shows from the outset your choices matter.

A good compromise, perhaps, would be that you can have the different starting schools, which can affect stats, friends, etc, but quickly move into a neutral area (e.g. tornament/ underground abandoned place) where all players have to go, and add a few *if background = kinda comments.

I completely agree. I’m not sure on the rules of this whole fight thing, but even I know a MMA artist is going to beat a grappler or boxer no matter how skilled they are.

Self defence ftw, (But even then there’s stuff like “Can you use weapons” or if in a sporting environment what you can and can’t do)

Oh and

Also seems like a good idea to add, after all readers love having their choices acknowledged

I’ve been looking for a choice game of this type, so I’m really excited for it. Good luck with the Wip!

Sounds interesting can’t wait for demo

Sounds interesting if we get to explore the delinquent subculture. So many possible conflicts too i.e school administration, family, gangs and rep. Hm, will gangs and reputation be a a thing? And what would the end goal be?

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The idea remind me of Kyõ kara ore wa!! Very interesting… I loved that anime (never had a chance to read the manga), so I would be very interested in a similar setting!

Hmm… I’d definitely be interested if the MC were fighting to protect somebody rather than just brawling for the heck of it, but i supposed that can be an option too xD

… Could you choose which ranking school you go to?? :open_mouth: :smiley:

I like your idea for the story, But it would have to depend on how you writing it. Would it be more comedy moments with some serious moments or more serious moments with some comedy moments, Or half and half That idea I’ll say I like the most but it would have to depend on how you want to write your own story?

First. Wow. People really jumped on board with the concept already. Which is awesome because just the way I feel we really don’t have enough games(here) that involve beating people senseless.

Secondly…it’s hard to say. Keep in mind that it would probably pick up as time goes by in later chapters and when characters routes get expanded on, but since I’m still not even done the first part yet, that’s pretty far off.

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If you decide to do this game what kind of fighting styles do you have planned or can we create our own and will it be realistic fighting or anime crazy aka rage modes and creative finishing moves

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It’s probably going to be somewhat exaggerated but I wasn’t really planning on any great energy waves or transforming super robos. Fighting styles themselves I thought would be based on more actual methods like Sambo, Krav Maga, BJJ, but also with the logical conclusion.

Fact is, unless you are constantly getting into fights, then just knowing a style is just about useless. The best fighters really are just people who do it all the time, training or not. But given that the MC is likely the kind of person whose used to that stuff, they are likely among the people who can actually do those things well.

Other note. Weapon styles? If anyone is wondering? Probably not. That’s just not how Bancho do.


Don’t know about weapon styles but weapons? Sure. Perhaps baseball bats, planks, maybe brass knuckles. Since, I believe sharp edged weapons are outlawed in japan. Ah, speaking of which, where is your story situated? Europe?

Mmm. Possibly as long as there’s not an overwhelming reliance. I’ll have to come back to that eventually.

Secondly, it would be based in a loose type of Japan. Not enough to be culturally perfectly accurate but also fairly close. As the name Rokusuppo might imply.

Rokusuppo= Roughly means “Half assed.”

I kind of wondered about doing a more Russian or western feel but in the end my thinking was this.


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Seems legit.

And I know that even if weapons (well, more like improvised weapons, really) are introduced, I’ll probably try to go for a bare-handed run. We’re not savages, let’s beat each other brutally like proper gentlemen and ladies, damnit!

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Ah now this looks refreshing piece of work that hasn’t been used that often in a COG game yet. I am on board with this one ( Public school for the win) and look forward to any updates. Also would we be able to form our own gang of brawlers to take over the brawling circuit and be the most feared group or would we have to join an established group?

You’ll start with an initial group. Maybe it will be an option later in the game to go independent from everything and take a few other people with you(Though that would be another coding nightmare on it’s own.) That would be an interesting route.

These are all great thoughts, but people might be getting ahead of themselves of what to currently expect at this point.


Why, we only expect you to make it the best CoG ever, with several, entirely distinct routes and complete freedom of choice. In fact I have great expectations for the giant mecha subplot that you’re without a doubt planning for.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me. :neutral_face:


It was already mentioned so I won’t dwell on it but yeah writing can really make or break these but on another note I’m excited to see how this goes :grin:

Hope I can have a fast and flexible fighting style like mori jin’s re taekwondo from God of high school (the guy in blue pants and red boots)

I think stats that can be considered, that is considered, not saying they (or at least all of them) should be added, are speed, flexibility, or agility if you want one that covers both, strength, toughness, skill, instinct, luck, and maybe accuracy. Again just some suggestions I don’t expect you to use all or really any of them just food for thought


This game is really reminding me of History’s Strongest Disiple Kenichi though it’s much more martial arts based than this


I’m definitely bookmarking this wip! Been wanting another martial arts game for awhile now :smile:

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