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Okay. You have stated several times what your problem is. I don’t agree with your opinion, so I won’t be changing it. Thank you for bringing forth your opinion, but it has been heard, and at this point you’re no longer bringing anything new to the conversation. Please change the subject. Thank you.

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Very well. Can you at humor me with one final request? Can you at least change the thing in the faq? Something along the lines of, “Can you really describe the game as allowing the player to choose their orientation when they can’t be attracted to the opposite sex?” That way it’s at least a question rather than a statement, and doesn’t seem nearly as dickish.

It has been changed. Thank you for your input.

I am lost in this are you gay or straight

Gay. The main character is very gay. They’re in an arranged marriage made under the assumption that they’re straight.

Thanks for the quick reply my good man i guess ill take a pass on the game.

Alright everybody! In a few hours I will be departing on my first ever trip via plane. I will be headed to Puerto Rico and I will be there until June 5th.

I’ve made progress on the game, character creation is almost finished. After that I will be adding more conversation with Harper, and then I’ll probably release a demo. If I think it’s long enough. I’ve never been on a plane but if I can work on the game while I’m on the plane, then I’ll probably do that. Provided I’m not panicking. Or crashing into the ocean. Whichever!

Thanks for the patience everybody!

On another note, I was going through one of my old notebooks and found a joke game i was working on and found it quite amusing.

"It’s your best friend Sam’s first cookout. BYOB. The menu includes all the classics, rat steak, roach on a stick and the ever so popular blood cake. It’s just too bad that you’re busy with work. And no, not your job as a hairdresser. The other job, as a pit fighter. Sam insists you come, and not only that, they insist you bring a date. The only problem is that due to your reputation as a hair dresser, no one wants to date you.

Hire a mercenary to pretend to be your date, buy a hell beast instead of groceries, and save your friend…s cake, from the clutches of an ancient monster. Can you survive on the surface?"

Sounds kinda familiar, right? Lol.


Mmm, blooood caaake…

I’ve had blood cake. :smile: I found it… about as nice as it sounds… :nauseated_face:

This sentence kind of confuses me, honestly. Does it mean that I could play as a straight person if I wanted to? If so, then it completely contradicts this sentence:

So, if you get the chance, can you please clarify?

This question has basically already been answered in the FAQ.

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Wow ok, I really need to start reading the FAQs when I see them :sweat_smile: :sweat:.

So now I’ve got a new question to ask. Please don’t hate me for asking, but what are skiliosexual, androsexual and gynesexual? Sorry if my questions are offensive.

Androsexual, attracted to masculinity. Gynesexual, femininity. And skoliosexual is out dated. I haven’t corrected it yet. What I meant is ceterosexual, which is an attraction to nonbinary people.


Ok, thanks for answering my questions and I hope you enjoy your trip to Puerto Rico! It’s a beautiful place to visit… not sure if it still is, though, since the hurricane hit. The last time I spoke with my mom about she told me it was starting to look like Puerto Rico again. Just watch out for the mosquitoes, there’s a lot of them there!

Hurricane season starts in June O_O hopefully there won’t be anything like that hurricane. (Not trying to scare you or anything, it’s unlikely something like that will happen again in the next few decades)

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It is still beautiful, don’t worry! You can see the damage in the lower income neighborhoods and on flora, but still gorgeous.

Too late, I’m scared. Lol.


Actually, believe it or not, @Morphine is right, you really don’t have much to fear. Aside from the hurricane that hit last year, a hurricane hadn’t directly hit Puerto Rico in over 20 years, it usually grazed it to the point that you only get some heavy rain and that’s it. Last year was the first time a hurricane hit Puerto Rico directly. So the odds of it happening again are slim…

Oh I know, my spouse is Puerto Rican. I was just joking, I’m not really worried.

But thank you for the reassurance, I appreciate the gesture.


We have changed how we handle interest check threads. If you’d like to continue talking about this game, you can do so in the interest check thread, or you can wait until the author has a full demo ready.