The Beast Within | Demo Coming Soon

The Beast Within has been my brain child for awhile now. Awhile as in, three to five years now.

When I first came out to my mother, both as trans* and gay, it was accepted in the way that small town parents accept anything they dont understand.

“I love you, but…”

And so I went looking for representation and acceptance all over the internet and found that in games there is little. I set out to make a orientation restricted game for myself and for other people that are looking for the same thing.

That’s when The Beast Within was born.


Heir to Throne Rescues Betrothed From A Necromancer, Outs Self as Gay

You live in a modestly sized country known as Parus. King Duncan III, the neighborhood monarch, rules with an iron fist and well maintained beard. Unfortunately, iron fists aren’t very good at weaving silk, Parus’ main export. Living under a strict regime has caused morale to plummet among the citizenry, and the quality of silk being made has dropped significantly because of this. Without quality silk for people to buy, Parus has found itself in a bit of a financial pickle.

Fortunately for King Ducan III, there’s always a solution for the rich. The solution? Marrying the Heir to the throne of Parus to the second born child of Queen Fortune, Monarch of Eldad. Oh, and, The Heir? That’s you.

Go on a light-hearted and potentially steamy adventure to rescue your betrothed from the clutches of a surprisingly cute but unsurprisingly evil Necromancer. Do battle with the forces of evil alongside a drunken viking, loyal body guard and, apparently your fiance’s ex? Seriously, who invited them here?

Experience a fantasy kingdom of which you rule as the Prince, Princess or just the Heir. Find love with anyone who isn’t your betrothed, because as you’ve so far neglected to tell your father, you’re pretty gay. Learn magic, the sword, or let other people do the fighting like any self respecting future monarch would do.


The Viking Berserker

Sloane is a mystery to everyone, including themself. Though this has more to do with ale than anything. Loud, boisterous and somewhat a flirt, you’ll find that Sloane is a beast on the battlefield and pretty much everywhere else. Fond of ale, braids and surprisingly, the more chivalrous types.

The Loyal Bodyguard

Harper has been at your side for a very long time. You couldn’t ask for a more dedicated guard. You might, however, ask for one a little less dedicated, as time spent alone is few and far between. Reserved, sincere and kind hearted, Harper is as loyal as they are boring. They like short hair, sparring, and you.

Betrothed's Ex

Rowan is world renown for their skill at magic, partially because of the rumors of magical malpractice. They are not, however, known for their kindness. A scowl ever present, Rowan’s considered antisocial and snobby even by those most skilled at snobbery. Rowan enjoys magic, money, and silence.

King Duncan III

Your father is a good king… Is exactly what he’d want you to say. The truth is that your father is a bitter and selfish man, a shell of the king he used to be. After his second wife, the love of his life and noteably not your mother, died, his mood quickly descended into nothing but anger and spite. Your father likes the obedience of all of his subjects, including you.


The person to which you will be wed. Although you have met many times, you hardly know anything about the person you’re going to rule with. You’ve often asked yourself, out loud and directed at Harper, if they even have a personality underneath the expensive dress. Regardless how you feel about them, they seem excited about your engagement. They like expensive clothes and not being turned into a mind slave by a necromancer.

The Dastardly Dashing Necromancer

You don’t know their name. You couldn’t find the moment to ask during the zombie raid on your castle. All you know is that they made quite a mess as they threw your betrothed over their shoulder and then flew, flew out the window. Makes you wonder why the zombies when they could have just flew in through the balcony. Fond of kidnapping royalty and ressurecting the dead.


  • Customizable character. Customization includes, gender, orientation, personality, skills and appearances.
  • See the way the world reacts to the unique character you’ve made.
  • Romance with three main characters and one not-so hidden character.
  • Be a player and romance everyone at once unbeknownst to them, or cultivate a healthy polyamorous relationship with two of the three main romances at once.
  • Content filter, for ace and younger players. Transform potentially mature content into something more innocent. Toggle in settings on the stats screen.
  • Master magic, sword, shield, and dagger, or be a jack of all trades.

Lol it’s not up yet, sucker!


Can I play a straight character?


Can I be non-binary?


Do non-binary characters have to date other non-binary characters?

No, but they can.

Is there a potential ending where I marry Bianca/Bernard?

I plan on it, but only if your friendship is high enough.

Is there explicitly sexual content?

Not as of now. Not sure if there ever will be. But there are currently suggestive themes.

Can I have a polyamorous relationship with all 3 of the main characters or the Necromancer?

I don’t have any plans to add these options at the moment.

What’s with the title?

A now secondary plot point was once a main one. The game was named for that. I will be renaming it eventually.

Does x mean my nonbinary oc has to be assigned x at birth?

I don’t address what the mc was assigned at birth in the game. When playing a nonbinary character and choosing what you like, just pick whichever gender you want to romance.

Can you really say you can select your orientation when you can’t be heterosexual?

Yes I can. You can be gay, lesbian, skiliosexual, androsexual and gynesexual. There’s also the option to be polyamorous and asexual. To say those are all the same would be an insult to those who identify with any of those but don’t identify as homosexual.


Haha, you’ve had me laughing a couple of times already. If the writing of the actual story is anything like the snippets then I’m looking forward to it!

Two questions, though. If our main story is to rescue our betrothed, how are you going to be letting us build up our friendship with them? And, as we adventure, are we going to be introducing ourselves as the heir or are we going to be more incognito, or do we get to choose?

And I have to say that I approve of any Rowan that likes magic. It really is just that kind of name. :laughing:

P.S. I hit the Demo tab even though the title clearly said “Demo Coming Soon” . So I deserved that. :cry:


Oh i thought this was about something involving a curse of a beast.

I’m kinda curious to see how this turns out, it sound like an interesting concept.

A few questions:

Don’t you mean “IV”?

What do you mean by this? Isn’t orientation locked?

Do we get to choose if the characters are non-binary or is it already settled down depending on the gender of the MC?

Also, Why is it called The Beast Within?


I’m super into this concept for lots of reasons. Sounds fun and light, but not without some personal and heartening themes, all of which I’m happy to hear about. I think this would be really great! Looking forward to your demo!!


Yay! Seriously go wild dances! That’s how happy this announcement makes me since TBW within ticks a huge number of my boxes.

Yay! For cute gay princes. :grin:


Why lock the gender :cry: …man I really love the men love female romance stuff

Sees this thread:

… ಥ_ಥ Okay cool. I will just wait over there…
Waiting ʘ‿ʘ

Yass. Okay I’m fine again. :relaxed:

Well… technically the gender is not locked, just…the orientation and well we love the mlm, wlw, nblw, nblm, nblnb romance stuff…and that is actually a bit more difficult to find as the stuff you are looking for… (especially as focus of a game and not addendum)


Well then how about noon locked man I really hate men romance am I to die in the book alone with no one to take care of me at my old age :cry::joy:

It means we can choose to be gay, lesbian, anything mainly homosexual. Just not straight.

A game where I must be gay? Where all the important npcs are homosexual? Where has this been all my life?

Plz I need sustenance from all the Sadman Deadwife MissingDaughter media around me. Bless.


Well…maybe this is not the game fo you then?


Yay! I look forward to this… :prince::rainbow_flag:

Harper sounds cute… :blush:

Or maybe that’s his surname. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To be fair, there are a few exclusively gay VNs out there… :sweat_smile: but, yeah, it’s nice to see one over here. :slight_smile:

@DarthDovahkin: Good luck with the game. :smile:


Yeah I guess lol well still hope has it’s own role.

And good luck Dev …

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I am screaming.

I’ve waited soooooooo long for this. I voted for it when in dismay you chose the other. Boo :<

But to my surprise one day I saw it.


The summary had me rolling, and I’m already alllllllll over Rowan. Grump and Brood. Brood so that I may Swooooon my dear! Teehee.

I’m super excited and very much look forward to it!!!

runs around in frantic circles shrieking

looks at demo

I-I’m so hurt ;<


Yep, but so do the Ex and the necromancer, choices, choices. :thinking:

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You can interact with them before they are kidnapped, and of course there’s your motivation for finding them. You also get to see them a few times before the end of the game, so yeah.

Good question. I hadn’t thought about it, actually. I’d say choose, but it might be hard to hide. You’re the Heir to the throne. You reek of money and entitlement. It might be funny to implement the option though.

“I am a normal commoner, doing normal… poor people stuff…” adjusts velvet tunic

Isn’t it, though?

The first version of the game, which was extremely edgy, was about the curse of a beast. That is a subplot for one of the romances now. The game will probably be getting a new, more suiting title.

Nope I mean III. My sleep addled brain forgot how to Roman numeral. Lol.

It’s locked to “gay” but gay has many different shades. I think there are seven possible combinations right now but don’t hold me to that.

Ugh fine I’ll list them

M!mc/M!ro, m!mc/nb!ro, F!mc/F!ro, F!mc/nb!ro, Nb!mc/M!ro, Nb!mc/F!ro, Nb!mc/Nb!ro

Read above.

Not gender locked. You can play a girl. But you gotta like girls. Give it a try when the demo comes out, maybe you’ll like it. Who knows? G/G romances are p cool in my opinion, and I don’t even like women.

In me 'ead.

Harper is cute.

I- I am so honored.

Fun fact, I drew busts of all the m!ro’s when I first started. (Or how I imagine them, at least) I lost all of them but the Necromancer, unfortunately.

Thanks for the interest everyone. I’ll spend today writing and we’ll see where that gets me. I don’t want to release the demo too soon like On The Hunt.

And now I’ll go fix my shameful Roman numeral misstep. slinks away


Well even if you do dress up in rags (ugh, why?) there’d still probably be dozens of things that would give it away like: You’re too clean, you stand too tall and proud and you don’t exactly talk like a serf either.

I’m sure @Lizzy will like it.


Yeah, I had just woke up when I wrote that and was lacking creativity.

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I’ve been waiting for this :slightly_smiling_face: I’m going to play as a prince and a princess! :")

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