Andromedas Chains(Future Sci-fi WIP)

I like the blue picture.

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Here’s some gifs of the powers your half Mantarian MC will have.
This is what happens when you touch water:
And this is what you look like in water:

And here is some aquakinises:
And super strength:


You get a bra? Lol
But what is that power? You become water or you gain a mermaid tail like in the series the gif is from?


Get a tail like the show. The water is the effect your body does when it shapes into your aquatic form.

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So should I add space suites to the story? Like there’s 3 and each has a type of weapon and specialty to it.
Or should I add it but it’s only cosmetic and let you pick your own gun? Cuz I see that kind of thing in a lot of sci-fi games and shows. So let me know your opinion.


Oh also I updated the original post to include the other female ROs. So yay

I think a hilarious scene would be if you chose to be part human/plant alien that you would faint if someone tried to feed you a salad.


will chars remark that i choose acertain weapon?
Are there any scenes where i get to usem them?
something like

   You spot an enemy far away.
   it appear yore the only one who saw him. 
  what do you do?
1 warn someone to take him down
2 sneak up behind him
3 (weapon) ill just use my rifle

Any influence over the story?

MC thought the humans were trying to serve their own people to them as dinner?

Demon alien: A priest (or a religious fanatic) thought MC were an actual demon and tried to exorcize us.


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Lol that is hilarious I bet the MC will be permanently dramatized… or develop a taste for it lol

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Some characters will comment on your weapon choice. And yes if I do add weapons there will be scenes to use them. If I add it then you can choose to fight with the weapon or powers when in a fight with the humans and their allies.


I really like the current Sci-fi story you have! I hope this comes to fruition. Now I’m going have to suffer waiting to play this game

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Earth isn’t the only enemy your MC will face. Earth is allies with 2 alien planets with their own goals for why they are helping earth in the war.

Planet: Hera
Race: Sirenix
Information: The Sirenix are a race of aliens with humanoid torso and head, wings for arms, and a serpent like lower body. Even though it has a serpent like lower body it’s not snake like at all in fact it resembles darkness, not just their tails but also their hair. The Sirenix are a leech like species able to shoot beams from their eyes which not only drains the energy from their targets but also any special traits the species their draining has to be able to use them themselves. The planet Hera is a planet filled with beautiful architectural tower, zoos, and colosseum to watch lowly life forms fight for their lives. The Sirenix are a race of slavers that take alien species of all kind as personal servants and entertainment in the fighting pit. This is the reason for their alliance with Earth making a pact that while Earth will take the enemies planets resources and land Hera will claim the races of the planet as slaves. Sirenix technology specializes in suppressing alien abilities, which is why the scientists requested them in helping keep you in line. They created a special collar for you that if you used your abilities with out permission you would not only receive a powerful shock but the collar would also start strangling you and lightly stab your throat with small spikes. What would you expect from a slavers race a slap on the wrist? Some wonder how Earth was able to gain them as allies. The trick is to gift them a few thousand of your own people without the public knowing.


Everything about this sounds good except the MC’s special collar. The " strangling you and lightly stab your throat with small spikes" seems a bit unnecessary. And I don’t mean unnecessarily cruel, just a bit strange. Strangling and “lightly” stabbing? If the goal was pain and punishment, the powerful shock would have done that. And you’re their prized alien hybrid/hostage, they probably don’t want to hurt you too bad. Imo it’d make a bit more sense to have that light stabbing maybe be an injection of some kind of drug that further subdues the MC. So they get shocked/strangled, then drugged to sleep, paralyzed, weakened, etc so they can’t use their powers the wrong way immediately after.

Just my two cents. I read that part and it came off as a bit overkill. The shock and strangling is fine, it’s the additional throat stab that throws me off.


Punish the MC yes. Potentially harming their favorite test guinea pig no.


Well they don’t exactly take kindly in a slave attempting to use their abilities without permission. Of course they would go overboard in punishing with the collars. But I do like the idea of it injecting the MC with drugs. I think I’ll add that. Instead of it continues stabbing it’ll just be one painful stab that injects the drug. How’s that.


New here, but I really like the premise!! You’ve given a lot of thought to the races and it shows :clap::clap:

Welp. Would it be possible for us to fight this race/liberate the slaves in a second book? I know you’re still working on this first idea, so no rush as I’m excited to see this project succeed, but I’m just curious :grinning:

I was interested in the cyborg RO and now…I have even more reasons to romance him XD Gotta love someone like Genos :grin: (Also, I wasn’t sure about it before, but Amy sounds awesome!!)

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You re a bad person, I read the description and thought: “This is amazing, I’m going to play the demo” but when I saw…SURPRISE… no demo ;-;

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