My next game idea


so im getting tons done on my current game but i already have a idea about my next one and i wish to know if you would want to play it.

its a science fiction story set on modern earth. the character you play is an alien. now of course the story changes based on what you do but the loose plot is that your spaceship crashed on earth and you need to get back to space.

would you be interested in this kind of story?
and if so what stats should there be?
any suggestions for the game?


I’d suggest making your character Humanlike in appearance with, perhaps, one or two distinguishing features. Thus will allow you to speak to people yet also your character has to be careful at all times that his ‘tail’ doesn’t show (for example).
Also, to add dilemmas, your character should have an alien ability or technology which can be used for good. Of course, if humans find out you have it… Do you really want to heal that little girl and expose your powers to all these other people at the crash site? Did you show too much strength when you lifted that car out of the way? Etc.


Thank you for the suggestions i think those are great ideas.


You also need to give a reason why the alien was flying in the first place. Was he fleeing from his kind? An enemy? Is he a criminal on the run from the law? Is he innocent or guilty? Did he come to warn is of an invasion? Is he the scout? Maybe he feels his kind is becoming evil wants to save us from them?

One suggestion if you played the game Mardek you may want to use some of those Ideas for inspiration.


thanks for the advice, though i was already planing on the alien have a reason to have been in the space ship in the first place i just didn’t mention it.