Andromedas Chains(Future Sci-fi WIP)

Note: So again this is to get the idea out of my head so I can stay focused! Lol I don’t think my brain will be happy until I think of a story for every genre I find interesting. So hope you find this idea interesting.

Story: In the future year of 5873 mankind has advanced their technology far superior than any in the past making science fiction no longer fiction. Now with these advancements mankind has colonized every planet in our solor system with plans to expand beyond. Imagine taking a two hour space ride to a luxury resort on Venus exclusive for women? Or going to Jupiter with your family filled with amusement parks? But with these advancements scientist have discovered other planets like earth filled with life, each more different than the other. With this discovery came the decision to invade these worlds in order to take them for the human race. Some humans disagreed with their governments decisions but ultimately more where in favor after the fear of seeing what these aliens were capable of. Years have passed and still the war rages on with no real advantage on either side, that is until you were born. You are the first and only half human half alien hybrid to ever exist and with this news came the surrender of one of the alien races now under the thumb of the human race. You have spent your whole life in a secret military base with only few knowing of your existence being studied and training to be the ultimate weapon for earth by the code name: Andromeda. Yet with this comes nothing but loneliness and being treated like a monster by most in the base. Until one day a group of alien mercenaries invade the base with the purpose of rescuing you. After being rescued you find out the truth. The truth that your father is the ruler of the surrendered planet and that earth has been using you as a hostage in order to claim your fathers planets resources. With your rescue the war begins again for vengeance on your kidnapping and the years of hardship for their planets. Become the long lost half human half alien prince/princess of an alien planet. Make friends with the mercenaries that rescued you and use your alien gifts to help them fight against the human empire and their allies. Or use your new position as royalty to find peace or to find out what mysterious force is really pulling the strings in this war. Choose what alien race you are a part of and inherit their abilities. Also a cute alien pet. Be straight, gay, or bi and find love or focus only on your mission in this Sci-fi adventure!

So that’s the story? If you think it’s bad let me know lol. Decided to make humans the bad guys cuz I don’t think I’ve seen that before in science fiction movies, plus I mean the environment now a days? Now I’ll tell you about the alien races you can choose to be a part of. Names not final I might change them.

Aliens race and planet information.

Planet: Scylla
Race: Mantarian
Info: Scylla is a world that is 99% water with only a handful of landmasses on the whole planet. The inhabitants of this world are similar to earths manta rays but also slightly humanoid. Male Mantarians are bigger than the average human and have impressive muscle tones and resemble manta rays the most while Females are small in size then males and more similar to human females but with manta ray like features such as giant fins where human hair would be. Mantarians can survive on land and have incredible strength far superior than any humans and also capable of not being injured by gun fire. But the most impressive thing is their ability to have complete control of water. Able to control , boil, or freeze liquids or moisture Mantarians are a tuff race to fight against.

Planet: Helios
Race: Celestgelus
Info: The Celestgelus of Helios are a race of beings made of purely of light. In fact until their discovery of the human race they spent their whole planets history as spheres of light. But now they take on human shape with the tradition of children between the ages of 1-12 are capable of changing their gender before picking a permanent one or age 13. Celestgelus are beings capable of bending light and use their bodies to convert it into energy blast and beams for combat. They are also able to complete reshape themselves after being injured or destroyed making them a hard race to kill permanently.

Planet: Tartarus
Race: Daemoir
Info: A planet covered in eternal night only seeing their sun once for only an hour every month. Because of this the Daemoir race have excellent night vision and survival skills. This race look similar to earths description of demons with their monster like sharp claws, horns, demon tails, and bat like wings. Not only are the Daemoir capable of flight and vicious claws shard enough to cut through most metals they are also capable of controlling darkness and taking its form. Maybe this race are the descendants of demons?

Planet: Ceres
Race: Silvabor
Info: In the forest like world of Ceres live the plant like race of the Silvabors. Although planet like male Silvabors resemble earth mythological creatures known as centaurs while female Silvabors shaped like human plant females. Capable of controlling plants, regeneration and healing, using their body’s as weapons and creating plant allies.

Planet: Asteria
Race: Oracoth
Info: A planet surrounded by 5 moons as it’s only light source lives the moth like race of the Oracoth. Oracoth are moth people with incredible psychic power. Able to fly with out a sing flap of their wings, telekinesis, mind reading, and mind control the human empire worked tirelessly to find a way to defend against this races power. Male Oracoths are typically warrior like moths big in stature and have armor like body, and four arms. While females look more insect like with four legs a humanoid upper body, moth like lower half.

Let me know what you think of my races. I can also show you the pictures I used as references if you’d like.

Now foe your MCs race. Since you are the first ever hybrid the government has given your new mix race a code name. Depending on with race you choose to be half of will affect your appearance and abilities.

Half Human half Mantarian:
Race Code Name: Mariner
Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Aquakinesis, Invulnerability, Breathing Underwater.
Appearance: Being half human has given you a humanoid shape while your Mantarian side has given you manta ray like skin and fins on your arms and legs. Gills on your neck to allow you to breath underwater. You have the abilities of your alien half of having inhuman like strength, able to take live gun fire, full control of water, and able to change into a mermaid like creature in water with a manta ray fin like tail. Downside is you don’t have complete control of your fish like form so when in contact with even a drop of water changes you into your mermaid like form.

Half Human Half Celestgelus:
Race Codename: Magician
Abilities: Light Manipulation, Energy Beams, Flight, capable of breathing in space.
Appearance: Despite being half Celestgelus you have a solid human body. But ever since your birth you’ve had tattoo like markings all over your body that always glow just like your alien race. Not only do your markings glow but when you use your powers your hair and eyes also glow like they are made of light. And because you have a solid form you cannot recreate your body of its destroyed like your alien race.

Half Human Half Daemoir:
Race Code Name: Imp
Abilities: Darkness Manipulation, Shadowmimicry, Enhanceed Night Vision, Sharp Claws.
Appearance: Human in appearance you’ve inherited the Daemoir races horns, claws, tail, and bat like ears. Despite the Daemoir race being similar looking to humans you did not inherit their bat like wings making you unable to fly. Also inheriting their Demon like eyes with no whites only black with irises with slit pupils.

Half Human Half Silvabor:
Race Code Name: Nymph
Abilities: Plant Manipulation, Regeneration, Healing, Planimicry.
Appearance: Despite being human in shape you have more of a plant like quality specifically your hair, and arms. Your hair is made of vines and leaves with flowers growing from them. Your arms almost look vine like with seeds and leaves growing out of them that you can shoot out and grow into plant monster minions. You also have wing shaped branches growing out your back that grows flowers. You can also grow your arms into vines to snare enemies and whip them. Despite inheriting your races plant like form you are more like a flower frail while they are like trees strong.

Half Human Half Oracoth:
Race Code Name: Pixie
Abilities: Levitation, Telekinesis, Mind Reading, Illusions, Emotion Manipulation.
Appearance: When you where born you had more of an insect quality. With 6 eyes, a pudgy body, armor like skin, and pincer like arms the scientists at the base where questioning if you really were Oracoth. Until you reached the age of 10 were you went into a deep sleep and a cocoon formed around you. 8 months later you emerged from the cocoon and all doubts of you being part Oracoth went away. You now have a human body with feather like moth antennas, giant moth wings, and four eyes that look human but take a closer look and the irises have a moth like quality to them. Despite having inherited the Oracoths Psychic abilities your power isn’t strong enough to control people’s minds just yet.

So each half race has its pros and cons I hope you guys like them. Let me know okay.

Romance Options:
Have all the Male options and Female options. I’ll list the post number with their info on the bottom so you can read about that RO, their race, planet, and see the image I’m using to help base the character on.

Male Romances

Name: Darwin (might change)
Race: Cyborg
Planet: Earth
Post: 238
Appearance: A combat soldier robot that gained emotions now identifies as male.

Name: Fenris
Race: Luperus
Planet: Orthrus
Post: 253
Appearance: Three headed humanoid dog man.

Name: Ghoro
Race: Hunkong
Planet: Enyo
Post: 162
Appearance: Muscular humanoid four armed gorilla man.

Name: Raix
Race: Saitolt
Planet: Zeus
Post: 201
Appearance: A feline chimera like humanoid race.

Name: Pain
Race: Deamoir
Planet: Tartarus
Post: 312
Appearance: Demon like warrior that has the blood of his targets tattooed on his body.

Name: Atlus
Race: Oracoth
Planet: Asteria
Post: 322
Appearance: A Knight moth alien.

Female Romances

Name: Amy
Race: Human
Planet: Earth
Post: 234
Appearance: A nerdy scientist girl.

Name: Jelly
Race: Goolatin
Planet: Galene
Post: 175
Appearance: A three eyed blob girl alien.

Name: Alala
Race: Anghel
Planet: Persephone
Post: 368
Appearance: A multi winged alien girl that race takes split personality disorder to the extreme.

Name: Poinsettia
Race: Silvabor
Planet: Ceres
Post: 260
Appearance: A plant girl with the appearance of a Japanese geisha.

Name: Lazuli
Race: Mantarian
Planet: Scylla
Post: 328
Appearance: A very shy Mantarian girl.

Name: Solaria
Race: Celestgules
Planet: Helios
Post: 392
Appearance: A purple colored Celestgules girl that likes to have fun.

So there you guys go my little sci-fi idea lol. If you want more info let me know and I’ll tell you since this is all basically a summary.
Ahhhh now that I posted this my mind has cleared thanks guys!


what if I want to fight for the human race?


Concept looks good, but I’d be careful with conolizing EVERY planet since we do have gas planets, which are the outer half of the solar system. We’d could quite literally fall through the surface and be crushed by huge amounts of pressure.


Lol I’ll make that an option.


That’s the good thing about the future. Plenty of time to find a way to be on gas planets.


nah, is okay. Colonisation is a process by which a central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components or the action of appropriating a place or domain for one’s own use.


It’s set in 5873 right? That would give the sentient races such as humans and aliens plenty of time to figure out how to colonize a gas giant like Jupiter. Also, it would give the author plenty of room to come up with something creative to deal with that issue.


Why must you keep getting me hyped for such great stories I can’t wait :cry:


Send me the hell in!!!


Lol sorry it’s mostly my friends fault they ask me for stories I tell them and then they want more lol. And thank you for saying it’s a good idea. Makes me happy lol.


Sounds very promising. I would be very interested

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What are your opinions on the races I made? Good or bad?

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I really like the race ideas but maybe mention it’s possible to kill the light ones


I will once I figure that out lol.


Just a idea maybe using some new material discovered deep within earth’s surface that is completely black and absorbs light it could be called a abysstone

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Ooooo like it was discovered in another planet too lol thank you for the suggestion.


So I made an account just so I can talk about this cause I’m not that big of a sci-fi fan but this sounds really cool. Also just putting it out there I think saying “capable of breathing in space” is a bit of a misnomer cause in space there is nothing TO breath unless you breath light itself but that causes a lot of other issues like dying just cause you were trapped in a dark room and that’d also mean there are a lot of places in space that you can’t breath in simply cause there’s not enough light


I just thought it would be cool to have it like Jimmy Neutron and have one race that can be in space like it’s under water lol
What if I put capable of surviving in space? Is that ok?


This sounds most interesting. Looking forward to seeing it!


Yes! Burn humanity to the ground!

That’s the problem, actually. Something can be utterly ridiculous that it can’t be done unless ridiculous things happened.

It’s like you can’t make a fire that freezes instead of burns.

For living in gas planets, I figured out that you’ll need something like floating or inter-connected platforms that both resist the gravity and the sheer environment of the planet (since gas planets are literally that: gas bags. And a few chunks of rocks).

And for breathing in space, I think either the aliens or the humans should bring their own oxygen tank (organic/non-organic). If you really wanted for humanity to not use astronaut bulky-uniform, at least you have to mutate human that they can do photosynthesis in outer space. They’ll bring their own food (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen chemicals) and do sunbath to eat.