Andromedas Chains(Future Sci-fi WIP)

Yeah it makes more scientific sense that way but you can describe it any way you want it’s your story and it still gets the point across. You could also say capable of surviving in a vacuum if you think that sounds better

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I’m just saying, you’re going to have to put forth a lot of research when it comes to logistics about space, whether it be hypothetical or actual research.

I’m a huge space nut, so I might be judging a bit hard, but people like me will, and others, will appreciate a story that’s well thought out and shows actual scientific thought.

Kepler’s Colony is a good example of that.

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Lol I’m going to make this a shirt option for MC when they first wake up in the Mercenary ship.


LOL I love how their talking about the logsticies of spade and how orcale replies is about fashion XD iconic


This sound really interesting

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1: 3000 years into the future and humans are still fully human? It would be interesting to see humans and aliens diverge because of the modifications they have to go through to adapt to their respective environments. The term “cyborg” was invented by people studying space habitation after all.

You can have the main character augment themselves throughout the story with brain implants, prosthetics (for organs) and genetic modifications. Maybe they can even add DNA from even more alien races creating a multi species hybrid or they could go fully synthetic, rejecting their biological heritage/limitations.

Check this out for ideas.

2: Also, where are the synthetics (alien or human made AI)? The latest prediction for human level artificial intelligence is 1000 years in the future. 3000 years into the future and you would have an AI in every computing device and almost everything automated.

3: Lastly,If we are powerful enough to take every planet, then we are definitely powerful enough to take the more sensible solution to colonizing the galaxy, create better space habitats (dyson swarms, matrioshka brains, O’Neil disks, ring worlds), think of cooper station from the movie interstellar, or the ring world from the novel ring world. Now these space habitats require a hell of a lot of resources to be mined from planets, moons and stars. This can set the stage for conflict with native aliens because our expansion into the void would deplete almost every planet and star in our way.

If you want more ideas for you world building go watch Isaac Arthurs videos on youtube.

Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Don’t worry once I have the story figured out I’ll be sure to research the science of it and ask my sci-fi fan friend if it makes sense.

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Well humans can’t breathe in space and only one alien race can breathe in space or I guess survive in space. Maybe I’ll look up how super heroes like Superman and the green lanterns are able to breathe in space to help make it easy to understand lol.

Oooo I forgot about cyborgs. Maybe I’ll make that an enemy and a class of soldiers for the human race.

Hmmmm idk about that? Might affect the story’s point of your Mc being born half alien and being the only one? If that was possible wouldn’t your alien father be like “Is this really my child or is it an enhanced human?”

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I’ll think about that might have it similar to The Hero Project Because I really liked those AI that popped up to give advice and such.

Lol that’s basically what the human race is trying to do with the alien planets. Mine the planets resources for earths use.

How advanced are the alien races in terms of technology

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Advanced enough that they can space travel but each very different.
Think of Scylla as kinda like Atlantis from DC Universe and Ceres technology is made from plants.

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I think it’s because the only weakness of Superman (the only way he can die) is the exposure to the Kryptonite. Not sure with the Green Lanterns, though. It’s been a long time since I watched any superhero thingies :thinking:

I feel that you’ll need something more fantasy rather science should you want to make unsuffocable human. Otherwise, I can suspend my disbelief for an alien race that doesn’t breath.

Kinda cool. Looking forward to what you’ll come up with :]

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I’ve always found the trouble in putting a definite ‘when’ for a story, especially when it’s sci-fi and set in a very, very far off future. I hear technology evolves exponentially, every two years. I’m thinking there was a whole lot of things that happened in those 3000 years.

I’m interested to see what kind of things you’ll have for this.

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Remember that cyborg (as in a human machine hybrid) can be a good guy as well. Also it doesn’t just have to involve mechanical limbs and red glowing robot eyes.

For example, you can have special life support organs which allow humans to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do in space.

Like artificial blood which doesn’t require oxygen to keep your organs functional, thus negating the need for oxygen or air. Or a small nuclear reactor inside your body which produces nutrients from inside the body, making it unnecessary to eat food or breath at all.

And since you do not need your lungs anymore you can remove them and put 2 extra brains under your ribs.

You can also place a modification to your endocrine system and brain so that you never have to sleep.

You can have a character who switches off all emotions, basically becoming a vulcan. Or a human that switches off all negative emotions and is always cheerful, even when the situation is dire or tragic.

You can have human characters who are directly connected to the internet (extranet?) and know basically every publicly accessible piece of information.

Or sleepwalkers. Indentured servants whose minds are placed in a state of hibernation for a set number of years to pay of their debts, and their bodies are used to serve the human empire as laborers and foot soldiers.


Ofcourse. But there are many more opportunities there. You could be mining resources to build and maintain a giant inter planetary cylinder space station, not earth. If anything, by the year 5000 we would have turned earth into a hollow lifeless husk after mining it to the core.

The conflict does not have to come from humans mining planets , it can come from humans mining stars, or blocking them from view by building dyson swarms around them. Aliens would be just a pissed because their sun is growing dimmer and winters are getting colder.

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What about the movies “Battle for Terra” and “Avatar”?

This reminds me of the Anime series “My Bride is a Mermaid”… or something like that… Anyways, if you don’t mind me asking, why make the Mantarians manta ray like creatures? Why not sharks? I mean, technically manta rays are sharks… ok, they are in the shark family, but still…


Ok back to business; my ultimate question about this whole thing actually involves our MC’s mother and how we were conceived… I mean, was it a Romeo and Juliette kind of scenario between our parents? Or was it rape? I ask because honestly I can see my MC asking her father (after she finally meets him) how she was born… P.S. this WiP sounds AMAZING so far!!!

Yes yes to all of that! I’m going to have it that Earth basically is just nothing but technology with only a handful of forest on it, and those are just preserves not natural. And yes maybe we will mine stars to help with nuclear war fare against the aliens earth is invading.

Lol never seen them. My brother told me the only cool thing about avatar were the animals so I was like I’m not going to go see a 3 hour movie if it’s boring.

Lol I actually got that from H2O that Australian mermaid show.

Lol yah sorry but I might change that… or make it where the race grows them at a certain age.

It was a love between an alien king and a human peace activist. But the military that raised you will tell you that the alien attacked her and that’s how you were born to help turn you into a alien killing weapon.

Well I saw these pictures on Pinterest when I was looking at monsters and I was like “that’s so cool! I should make that a race in a story!” Lol so decided to make it an alien race.


Question about FTL travel…

If a spaceship takes two hours to get to Venus, does it mean it goes deliberately slow (relatively because distances in space are huge)? If it’s the best it can go, I’d pray we actually get out of our solar system. Although I’d understand if it’s just cruising for pleasure and viewing purposes.