Andromedas Chains(Future Sci-fi WIP)

Lol mainly just for Viewing and pleasure but don’t worry the rides are very comfortable. I mean could you imagine how expensive it would be to go to a resort off world? Better damn make the ride comfortable lol.


This is the Daemoir father biggest fantasy of his first meeting of you.

Hopefully he’ll be able to make it real one day.
Also there race cry’s blood soooo you will too lol.


For the Artificial Intelligence, it does not have to be a human like advisor, it can just be an app. You can have something like a highly advanced search app which has access to every bit of data you can find about everyone in the empire, including their thoughts. So basically google on god mode.

Basically an Oracle AI that can find the weirdest and incomprehensible of relationships between numerous variables. It can predict what ice cream you would like by asking you the color of your toothbrush. It can tell you what your hobbies are based on the average length of your finger nails. It can tell you where you will meet your future spouse by analyzing the median ph of your urine during September of last year.

It can tell you the exact time you should sleep every day (down to the nano second) if you want to increase your chances of becoming the next president in 23 years by 32.34532 %


You could always have that the abysstone is discovered in Tartarus…

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And it can help Daemoir be in sun light by absorbing the light around them making a sphere of darkness around them. Cuz I bet a race that thrives in darkness wouldn’t handle light well.

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Ooh, you could also have it that only the nobility and higher ranking military members of the race has access to it or something. Basically make it kind of hard to come by the stone or something. Heck, you could even make it more like a sacred/religious item to them because of what it can do for them!

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That’s a pretty good idea. Could be what they mostly mine for if the MC is half there race. Earth could fource then to convert it into weapons in order to kill the Celestgelus which means the Nobel’s would have to give up there stones too. Maybe your father had to give up his crown to them because it had those stones.

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So the MC will gsin a alien pet at some point in the story. Might have it that your father gives you it once you are reunited with him. Might just be 3 options to choose from might add more.
How many people would want a cosmic Sea Angel like pet? A pet that looks like it’s made of space capable of living in any environment including space. Let me know if it’s good or not.


I like the one in the middle, it’s sooooooooooo cute! :heart:
Honestly, I think it would be cooler if the MC got a different pet depending on the their father. Example, that cute Sea Angel could be the pet we receive if our father was a Mantarian.

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Oooooh that’s an interesting idea. Might add that. But if I do I think your Celestgelus father would give you this pet since I’m going to have it shoot lasers like MoonCake from Final Space.


Sounds cool, I would pay for this

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Btw would anyone like to see the images that I’m using to base your space dads on? Or keep it in your imagination?


I would like to see them you can always spoiler tag them


Alright so here are your Space Daddies… I saw that on a Voltron video… ok I’ll stop… Space Dads lol

Mantarian Father:

Celestgelus Father:


Daemoir Father:

Silvabor Father:

Oracoth Father:


I like it seems interesting can’t wait to try it

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I like the second picture.

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The third one looks a lot like the devil not keen maybe change it up a bit

I think that’s kind of the point. I mean, they aren’t called Daemoir for nothing :laughing:

@OracleD3 Do you think you could also post what the females of each race looks like? Based on what our fathers look like it’s an easy guess to figure out generally what the males look like, but now I’m curious about the females :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright no problem! Just remember your half human so you won’t inherit some of the gender specifics of that race.

Mantarian Female:(this was closest example just imagine she had manta ray features:

Celestgelus Female:

Daemoir Female:

Silvabor Female:

Oracoth Female:


so basically mantarians are zoras. Also i’ve got i slight bad feeling with this after the mass effect andromeda disaster. Ok that last one was a joke.

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