Are the games ever going to be free again

i am a big cog fan i loved all their games but then they started making the games for purchase i know its buisness, but i think after a while like 2 years after the game is made it should be free, do they have any plans to make the games free after a while?

I hope so

I doubt it… To be fair it’s not like they charge a considerable amount of money. Have you tried looking at the price of Ren’Py/Visual Novel games?

$1-$3 in the grand scheme of things is well worth what you get (in most cases…).

It is expensive for jobless teenagers

This has been discused before. See here
Asking about why the games have to be paid for now isn’t going to bring them back. There are still a lot of free games on these fourms, maybe you could play those instead. Also, Choice of Vampire 2 is coming out, so that has to be interesting. :wink:

We could, oh, I dont know give fourm users passwords and usernames for the game if the owner approves but if we use that PM people when giving it to them!

Ya but ive been playing COV2 for about 2 or 3 weeks so i know the story

Oh. I have just been waiting for the entire second part to be finished so I could play the two games at once.

@ItalionStailon iam not asking why the games have to be paid for iam asking if they are ever going to be free again thats all

Would it help if I made a free game for y’all? <_>’

depend on what type of game i would like it to be action n fighting

@irule9344 In that case, I am positive that there will be more free games at some point from now.

i hope so

I would prefer like 30¢ games ijstewd of 2-3$

I love play free too but i really want its buy them and play in my old iphone, with the damn app store dont let me because i dont have money to buy the last model.wors of all letme use game 3D grafics!! And no the new choice of games but i can the older ones, which have the same engine! Dont have any sense i want play way walker why apple why? X_X

no thats too cheap like you are making a game right now and you know how time consuming it is, i think 1-3$ is perfect

Ya but im a jobless teenager i cant afford that

So @WiReDcHiMpAnZeE your looking for free Cogs or free HoGs?

@WiReDcHiMpAnZeE 2-3$ seems like a preety low price, plus when you consider books with the same amount of words as some of these games cost like 20+ bucks, and books don’t let you choose your own story.


Yes it is reasonable for a working adult, but i am 15 and cant find a job, only income is christmas and birthday money, which are only 11 days apart so i have to save around $100 for a whole year and it goes pretty quick