New games?


Are there currently any new official games being worked on? Or is it mainly being left up to the community? I’ve enjoyed Choice of Games so far but I’m kinda disappointed that there’s so few available, and even more disappointed that there’s very little of anything else out there similar to Choice of Games.


The devs are doing their best, but real life does get the way, you know? Have a cappuccino, and wait with the rest of us.

So of course you like CoG and the whole point of 'em is that their entirely unique, but there are some things that could tide you over. You considered a visual novel or two? There’s a lot of neat stuff being done with Ren’py recently, or failing that, fall back on something like Ever17.


Last I heard in terms of actual CoG releases Choice Of Romance 2 is in Beta and Testing stage so hopefully not long to go on that.

I also recall whisperings of three or four new community games being released too in the near future, possibly including that space story( can’t remember the name ) and another called TriCla?

Don’t quote me on that though. Just hold out hope, good things come to those who wait! :slight_smile: