No CoG News for Four Months?


It’s been four months since the last CoG game came out – Choice of Intrigue (virtually unannounced).

It’s been I-don’t-know-how-long since the last batch of user-made games came out, also unannounced.

Heck, it’s been three months since anything CoG-related was posted on the blog, and longer since Jason announced anything on the forum (though thank you for your moderation).

I know you guys are busy, but even “we’re currently working on launching CoG games for the Xbox 360” or “we hired a new guy” or “Choice of Vampire 2 should launch before Christmas” would be nice.


I feel your pain…


Uh, dude, read the thread entitled “Part 2”.


Uh, dude, I did read Part 2 back when it was posted, saw a guy asking about CotV Part 2, and left it at that. I also looked under announcements, your profile, etc., all of the logical, clearly-labeled places.

My comments are still valid: nothing has been ANNOUNCED for four months.

Anyhoo, good to know what’s going on, and unfortunate that success for most small businesses means most of their time goes to red tape and cat herding instead of what they started the business for in the first place.