Hosting anything other than Text-based Games?


Would Cog consider hosting anything other than a text-based game? What are your opinions?


i don’t think so because its called cog for a reason


Well the way I see it, hosting other games like ones created in RPG maker might increase clientele and revenue.


u should ask jason bout that


I would assume no.


I don’t think they’re hosting games in general. Only games created with the Choice script.


lets ask jason


So should I pm him?


*summon @jasonstevanhill lol jkes


@Headhunter180 I would. He would probably be the one to answer your question.

Might I ask, what type of game would you want to be hosted here?


Hmm I was thinking maybe something like the zenonia series (Gamevil) or like Ib, or To The Moon, that type of game but something more epic.


Not in the short or medium term.


Ok @jasonstevanhill I’m alright with that but may I ask why?