WIP Game on a Website

Greetings all…

I’m interested in putting some of my WIP games (CoG and Twine-based) up on a personal website so I can use them as examples of my mad game-writing skillz when I am bidding for freelance jobs. The only thread I found about this was from 2011, so I’ll throw this question out there: Is webs.com the only place I can get a (free) website to do this?

I have a weebly site (okay, I have about six weebly sites) but it looks like I need to pay for the starter/pro option to be able to upload the files…and my funds are somewhat limited at the moment, so I’d rather find a free option if possible. I do have several domain names I’m holding onto, so that is not a problem…just trying to find decent free hosting that will work.

Thanks all for your input! :slight_smile:

With hosting, I am afraid you tend to get what you pay for.

I might be misunderstanding the issue, but I displayed my WIP progress just by using the Dropbox method and sticking the link on my Blogger blog.

@SamLienhard, I may have to resort to that. I was hoping there was a way to embed the demo directly into a webpage, but alas, my coding skills are limited, as are my funds to pay for an upgraded web site at weebly so I can use a custom domain. :wink:

If this was ten years ago I could definitely help you. I’d suggest frames! (And geocities!) I think it should be possible to embed the demo.

I think you should be able to embed a dropbox webpage into a page on another site. My web design skills are over 10 years out of date though.

Can you use iframes to do it?

Okay my reading comprehension is -9999 at the moment so if this isn’t anything to do with the question at all feel free to ignore. Sorry.

I’m pretty good at following step by step directions, so if someone could walk me through it, I could probably manage. That’s how I learned ChoiceScript. :slight_smile:

Make your blog/webpage/whatever

Use iframes to insert your dropbox demo onto the page?

Looks like http://www.ehow.com/how_8098747_embed-another.html is a super-simple guide.