I have reached the stage where I am ready to beta test my game but I don’t want to download dropbox and is usless. Any reccomendations?

I can’t recommend you anything better than Dropbox; you don’t necessarily have to download it as you can just upload the files on your account using your browser; but that’d mean you have to do that on every update of your game.

Since it is a thing people seem to ask every once in a while, I thought some of us would prefer to have something else to at least choose from (no pun intended).

I’ve been using one of those free hosting services for my very early prototype, you can use my link here if you like. It’s got an ftp access and all you need is grab one of those FTP clients. Personally I use FileZilla - also free - which works as a standalone and doesn’t even install any additional registries to my system.

Pretty hassle-free so far if you ask me. Just remember to exclude the .htaccess thingy from the CS folder when you upload.

If you can’t/don’t want to use Dropbox, pretty much any web hosting service should work, so long as it allows you to upload files (and virtually all of them do).

For CoG writers I have always been willing to host. But you have to know how to use ftp program, as I have very little free time. If interested just pm me.