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I’ve been meaning to make a topic on Neocities for a while now. Wasn’t sure if it was too similar of a topic to some other ones out but decided to make it anyway. Now, if you are looking for an alternative to dropbox I would highly recommend or using I’m not saying that one is better than the other, I’m only saying there is another option. We all like options, right? :wink: Getting back on topic; Neocities.

Neocities is free to use. With a free account you will be able to upload a compiled version of your game. Now, I’m assuming you would already know how to compile your game and download it. If not, have a gander here.

Don’t stress if your game gets downloaded as a “file” instead of “html”. It’s an easy fix. Just open the file with your notepad (I use notepad ++) and click on “save as”. Make sure the file type is then saved as “.html” and then upload this .html to your neocities site. To get the web address or game link for your uploaded game: click on your uploaded file, this will open it in a new window, then copy the web address in the address bar.

This is your web address for your game and you can share it with whoever you want to play your game. If you’re using a free account it should look something like “” (<- not a real link)

When you need to update that .html file just use the same method to upload and save over the existing copy. This will keep your web address/game link the same, as long as the file updated has the same .hmtl file name.

You can opt for a free account or support and use a paid account. It’s up to you. They also provide some coding advice/tutorials for creating your own website. (I thought that was pretty handy).

Anyways, I hope this information is able to help someone who might be looking for another way to upload their compiled game. :grin::+1:


I hear all the cool kids use Neocities! :sunglasses:

But seriously good information - anything that keeps so many great game stories accessible is good stuff. Many spanks! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good alternative and I’m one of the people who got confused when my file didn’t turn into an “html” file.

Nice to have steps in-case someone “ahem like me” gets confused regarding “html” files ahaha.

I also liked that when you create an account you get a cat to give you tips on how to use neocites. :grin:


@dashingdon no worries, glad to share the info. :grin: I tip my metaphorical hat to you, good sir. Many thanks for running your site. :smile:

@boredhypocrite :joy: haha, it happened to me too… for a couple of minutes I was actually really confused with the downloaded compile file. It did something different as to when I compiled using my phone… but all good now.

They sign their emails off with “meow:smile_cat:

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@Sithwist Oh no! Me again! Any chance we can get Neocities mentioned on:


Added a line under the “Publishing a demo or playtest of your game” section.


Thanks so much! Very much appreciated.