Uploading to My Own Website

Is it possible to upload a game a create using CoG to my own website or an app I develop? I can’t seem able to find info on this anywhere. I would prefer using wordpress or blogger for a host, would that work?

Form what I’ve seen (disclaimer: my word holds no legal value in any way) you can host your work in progress anywhere you want, as long as there’s no money earned from it in any way. The only legal way to publish it as an app is through Choice of Games.

You can publish a game in choicescript on your own. You do need to speak to choiceofgames first though and sign a contract. They expect 25% for using choicescript. But they also give wrappers and things so it can be published, I think.

I think some people have already tried to use those sites and it doesn’t work. That’s why most people use dashingdon.