Werewolves rising chapters 1 and 2


Here is the dropbox link for chapters 1 and 2. Just move the ‘mygame’ folder to a basic choicescript folder, and click on index.html, then you’re ready to start the first small part of werewolves rising!



Your dropbox wont let you give direct links to the game? I might be able to help


Help would be great thanks, I just wasn’t sure how.


Argh, I had to separate the mygame folder from the outside folder. And I had to copy over the mygame folder to the Web folder. I’ve gotten a bad label when I tried to unsuccessfully haggle before denying the offer from the old lady. Overall, it was kind of a pain.



I got you, ill go get you a link and stuff and for some reason I got a bad label point blank for some odd reason… line 1 when I put it in an updated CS folder… Here I think this will suffice.

Werewolves Rising


Sorry, guys. But thanks 2Ton, that really helps a lot.


@lackofmops No problem at all.


@lackofmops like it so far. I do love having a paranoia bar, since it means I might be able to go insane. Can I go insane? Please? Please? Please? [-O<
I picked to have my dad be a werewolf and my mom the mayor just for the irony of it. :stuck_out_tongue: Also there’s a weird accent thing going on with “growing” and “adventure”.


Yeah, I was trying to foreshadow, and failed. Jk But I don’t really know how to write. I’ve ironed out a few bugs tonight after posting this, and I changed the stats screen.
You’re going to have to beg a lot more than that to go insane… :slight_smile:


Wow, I just tested it again, and there’s a bug that only lets you access chapter 1. Fixed it though, and chapter 2 works.


@lackofmops Should I just take that and update the link?


Sure, thanks.


Question…How in gods name do I play it?Becouse downloading does not work


How do I play it x


Download the files, then run the index.html file in firefox. Hope that helps!


Oh firefox…Give me about 30-50 hours I will give comments…Most of that time will be trying to find out how to get fire fox


I cant im on my phone x


@danidoll @Zach



There is an error at the first choice x


I can’t find any errors but I am giving up to look at it(I only looked at the first 4 pages)