Silver Cross Inc


I’ll try and write my own takes on the traditional monsters. later tonight I’ll do some basic facts add them to the website so people can see where I am going with the monsters.



Here is a site done for the game

The demo will be uploaded as soon as its done.



Starting writing the character creation part of the game.

Will put it up on the site as soon as lets me upload html pages :slight_smile:


I has idea! How about a mission involving a bad guy hunter or guardian, or one that is being manipulated by some bad guy. Could make them recruitable too if the player makes the right decisions and/or has the right stats.


I’ll see what I can do. I may have the character who is manipulated depends on your earlier choices.


U could also let the player decide if they want to go bad like they could start manipulating the silver cross from inside maybe taking over or destroying it


An early demo on is up on the site.


I like it so far (although there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot, it ends as you step into the range :p).

Minor things: Where you pick up the gun, I’d switch the first time you say ‘gun’ and ‘revolver’. Calling it a revolver to start off with makes it easier to draw a clearer picture from the start. (Reading ‘gun’ than .44 made me jump to a Desert Eagle.) I’d also give a reason why the PC knows it’s a .44 (such as it’s printed on the gun/ammo).


Thanks. Yeah I know there is not a lot at the moment. I’m going through it again to flesh it out and will continue on the range just trying to get the hang of limiting choices depending on the character’s ‘job’.

What did you think of the gender choice? Did it seem natural to you?


The demo is playing up. I am currently trying to fix it.

EDIT: I’ve got the game working on my pc but for some reason it doesn’t work on the website?


Personally, I like it, it feels natural and (IMO) is perfectly clear. However, I can see some people misreading it anyways (some people have a good excuse to, too, as there are some that only read/write English as a second or third or even beyond that language). Personally I think that a gender choice which actually includes the words man/woman (or includes words that are strictly male/female) is preferable because it leaves virtually no ambiguity. (For example, I know that at least one person brought up the fact that they didn’t realize that bowing/curtsying chose your gender in CoV.) So I’d personally try to work in mentioning the PC as a groomsman (/the best man) or a bride’s maid (/maid of honor). However, I feel that it is fine as is. (Very two faced of me, I know. ‘It’s good, but I’d change it.’ >.< ).


Remember to hit F5 whenever you reload the game after changing it (as in, let it load, hit F5, then let it load again). Also, if your not using IE, you’re probably not getting the error messages as they were intended.

The error I got was Line 71: Non existent Variable ‘job’.

My best guess: You forgot to update the mygame.js file.


Yeah that fixed it, I use firefox didn’t realise it affected the error messages, though it explains why the errors give me a line number i haven’t written yet lol

Altered the gender question a bit should be even clearer now :slight_smile:


Actually the error messages still gives all the same info in firefox, it just ends up garbled. The reason you’re getting error messages for lines you don’t have is because sometimes the error messages will point to the files that control the game (the files that you uploaded with the first Index file, not the Index file that’s next to the mygame.js file). You can open them (with the same text editor) and look at the line, and usually get the general idea of what’s probably causing the error.

Also, I use Google Chrome and all I get is an error box with ‘{}’ and an okay button. Yea, 'cause that’s a lot of help. e.e Oh, and don’t worry, I always forget to update mygame.js. Every Single Time.


Which of these sound better to…

Choice one (Class); PC can either be a Hunter (good with weapons only supernatural ability is they have a resistance to it) or a Guardian (not as good with weapons but possess supernatural abilities greater than a hunter).

Choice two (no class); PC is simply someone who was born with supernatural abilities (no choice of class but instead they can pick how there power manifests)

Choice three (monster); PC is actually the first monster captured by the Silver Cross Inc. and are now working with them, (this will probablly be the hardest to do as if I went this route I would want to let players pick from one of the traditional monsters or even create their own type.)


I would pick the first choice, although my personal preference is to allow players to have a limited number of slots which the player can fill with weapon proficiencies and/or powers.

Anyway, why the first choice is because those two are pretty much main archetypes for this sort of hero. And well, I think it may be more fun when people can decide “I want to be the badass normal” vs “I want to be the one with powers”. That’s just me though.


I think the first one is best but I like choice 3 but I think it will get more complicated if u do it so go with choice 1


Choice one is probably the most straight forward and easiest to pull off IMO. However, it also depends on how you’re going to handle it. If, say, there’s going to be training (like with a few month to one or two year time skip), perhaps as part of an indoctrination/testing process, then maybe the player/PC gets the choice of either spending that time training in more mundane things, or taking part of an experimental (or not so experimental, demon summoning anyone?) process to give them supernatural powers (Probably a multistep thing). The ideas are also always combinable too (monster as just one of the class choices). I’d probably stay away from ‘make your own monster’ ideas though (If you can pull it off, more power to you, but personally having trouble visualizing it)


So how does this sound for an idea.

The PC regardless of gender is a cop, the player gets to pick what department they worked in (currently its either Detective or Marksman - I am also thinking of adding a few more including a supernatural one).

The PC gets recruited by Silver Cross Inc. and then over a year time skip the player can pick what they train in.

I’m loving the idea of the Silver Cross Inc dabbling in supernatural experiments.

Leave it with me I’ll try and work in into the story and will post again once I’ve got episode one done.


I’ve finished the first draft of episode one

So opinions would be most welcome!