UnNatural Season Two Released 4th May 23


The purpose of this topic will be to post information about the second season of UnNatural.

It is still in the planning stage but for a teaser here are the titles of all currently planned cases.

The list below follows the following pattern (taking cases from season one as an example);

By Tooth and Claw → Cure = (you get Cure by doing By Tooth and Claw)

Season Two planned cases. [Not in order]

The Big BadLittle Red [Werewolf/Lycanthrope]

Love Games [Incubus]

Buried - > Drained [Vampire]

Shadows [Wraith]

In my head [Luna]

Witches and Warlocks [Witch/Warlock]

Puppet on a string [Marione]

Who snows (working title) [Yeti]*

Lullaby [Siren]*

Memories [Spectre]

Snakes and Ladders [Lamia]

Relax [None - unless you count a date as dangerous ;-)]

The only good one……is a dead one [???]**

* = these are exclusive cases that depend on a choice near the end of Season One!
**= the final two cases that will appear at the end.

While I will be busy on the other project for a month or two (should be quicker to write due to size) I will answer any questions you may have about the cases, the creatures or about the Unnaturalverse in general.

Thank you for reading

Matthew (Pen name: Sam Kabell)




Like that yes.


impede all you like Season One is twice the game it would have been thanks to feedback :smiley:

  1. This will be addressed in Season Two, as their will be less “extras” in it (extra = npc put in to pad it out), there will be more interaction between characters too.

  2. This I can do and shall do in Season Two.

  3. I’ve fixed a few more typos ready for next update - I honestly believe some Gremlins were involved in the release process due to the errors that seemed to pop up out of nowhere lol

  4. With the Romance scenes I got people to write the basics then I rewrote them slightly to fit in the scene. Romance scenes is not my strongpoint if it was upto me alone Victor’s romance scene would have featured him shooting you in the back to prevent his “love” from seeing him enjoy killing them lol


Am I the only one who let out a girlish squeal at the thought of Unnatural? Why am I asking of course not!

So, U2, this sounds amazing and I’m glad the series is continuing. However is it alright if I impede upon you a sort of list of stuff I felt were a bit lacking in U1?

  1. You’ve got brilliant, unique characters,congratualtions this is a great thing, but most of the time I feel they just don’t get enough spotlight and that they’re tucked away in the Witch’s Broom closet.

  2. Relationship setting - Is it possible instead of having just ‘Colleague, Flirty, SO’ to ‘Colleague, Friend, Good Friend, Flirty, SO’. I want a high relationship of pure friendship, or rivalry/Enemies (That would be a cool feature).

  3. Typos were there, which were fixed, but the odd ones slip out, nothing ground breaking it’s just that sometimes it can put a ripple in the beautiful pool that is Unnatural.

  4. In terms of Romances, I understant U1 was your first time, and yes it can be VERY awkward writing romance scenes for some. I think it’s awesome that you have asked some of us, the dedicated fans, to write some scenes here and there. But maybe try and get a bit of you into the scenes, since you, the writer, truely know these characters. (Of course keep taking suggestions and ideas from the fans, but try add that little bit of magic that is your writing)

That is pretty much it, it’s a brilliant game and you really have something going on here, and I hope U2 will be a successful game, heck I don’t hope, I know it will be.

Well, Toodle-pip!


So explosive ammo for golems maybe


Poison ammo will be a possibility but as @stsword says it would have to be specialist ammo designed for specific unnatural.


I look forward to more of your work @Nocturnal_Stillness May the Force be with you *flashes Live long and prosper sign*

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Since you cant save your character in season 1, how is the game going to know what choices you made? Or is season 2 going to be like a download in the same game with season 1?


You will import season 1 save same like other games as Choice of romance saga or Waywalkers ,Cog people would implement that in sequel.

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@MaraJade is correct. The feature will be added prior to release of season two.


man i am looking forward to this. can ya dig it?

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Hmmmm… ‘The only good one is a dead one…’ Vampires? I could’ve sworn that vampire hunter guy said, “The only good vampire is a dead one.” or something similar to that.

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I don’t think ive heard much about witches and warlocks and how they differ from animators. Would you mind giving me a quick overview

Loved the first I’m sure just from the titles this will be just as good if not better and you don’t have to find out about your abilities


Glad to hear.


Well spotted Victor did say that.


Witches and Warlocks are mortals who have learned how to tap the source of fae magic. Taught by the fae themselves they know their bodies can’t cope with the pure magic. This is where their familiars (usually feline but sometimes canine) come in; they act as a sieve letting them get access to diluted magic. Which they use through runes.

They aren’t as powerful as fae though.


Thanks. Yeah that is right.

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Ah, okay. Is there going to be more interaction with the crew? Also, is there going to be like an epilogue to each mission? As in the first season after and IF you save the werewolf boyfriend guy you were never really told what happened to the couple after it (unless I missed something)

I’m confused so if you want to continue from season 1 you have to wait until the second season comes out to do it ?



Once I’ve written the first draft of Season Two I will be going back to make sure the threads between seasons match and will be adding additional content to achieve that.

I will double check with CoG to see whether it will be a password between apps or an IAP like Zombie Exodus and when it will be implemented. I’m just guessing atm.

Is this coming alongside, before or after your Mercenary band piece?
Because I’m really looking forward to that one!


Originally it was going to come before this but due to the demand for season 2 I will write it alongside.

So I’ll write an episode of this then get it tested then while being tested I will work on Rookfall and will also work on it when have writer’s block with season 2.


Poison would only be of limited use, realistically.

Golems and gargoyles are rocks, zombies are already dead so unless you mean acid poison isn’t gonna cover it, and for the other unnaturals their chemical weaknesses might very well be race specific: garlic pepper spray might work against vampires, but it might only annoy werewolves and fae, for example.

Although some garlic pepper spray for vampires or wolfsbane pepper spray for werewolves would be cool.

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