UnNatural - A supernatural horror game - editing complete, beta testing over

The romances seem to be bugged with the update I’m working on fixing them (and the guide).

With the update you can enter 3 codes now. Entering the same code basically is possible because i didn’t think of that I’ll try and fix that too

Has the update fixed all the romance bugs etc.?

It was the update that bugged the romances. Been a bit busy with work so still need to fix them

I just hope that apple does not wait so long with the new update too, the old one is still somewhere out there in the nether.

Question @Nocturnal_Stillness are there any plans for a season 2 at the moment

Yes the second season is being worked on. Next time please search the forum before asking :smile:

Sorry I’m new :smile

Welcome to the forum then, I hope you enjoy everything so far :smile:

@Nocturnal_Stillness is there an estimate as to how long it will take the romance bug to get fixed?

I’m just waiting for it to be tested atm.

It’s not his choice. Hosted Games don’t even get an app on windows or mac, only Choice of Games do.

So I haven’t seen how you implemented cheats, but how do you recommend setting them up?

Is anyone else still waiting for the recent update from Apple?


It still hasn’t updated yet? That’s odd. It might prove to be a blessing though the romances have bugged and I’m trying to fix them now,

Hello, I was just buying this game a few days ago. I kinda stuck in romance part. other than craig and denise, how do I start romance with any other characters like Lakota, ashley, or Austin? seems like I can’t find the right option :frowning:
I tried to take Lakota to the bar but the phone call interrupt. with other characters, I can’t even make the stat high enough even when I choose them as partner for every cases. help?

@Archie_Huric There is a romance guide at Nocturnal_Stillness website.<a href=http://nocturnalstillness.com/site/?page_id=219> Romance Guide

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I am sorry to bother, but I still have not got the update from Apple. It has been over a month, So what’s up with Apple?

@Archie_Huric to be honest I had no idea the game had romances.

@Wolfsra odds are the CoG site has an up to date version.

@aera thank’s for that link :slight_smile:
I don’t remember there was a camping scene in fae village but I’ll try it again to see it first


the romance guide should help but the romances were bugged in the last update so I’ve just recently submitted the update to fix them (@Aera can confirm they work now :slight_smile: )


I’ve mentioned to CoG about the iOS update not showing up yet I’ll let you know what they say.


Yeah there are serveral possible LIs in the game if you make the right choices. Was probably the hardest part to write but most people seemed to enjoy them. (I even had requests for characters i didn’t think would attract people such as Victor (from Unit Alpha) or Denise (the lycanthrope from the Unit Beta path.)

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