Unnatural. Help?

A good game in general, but lacks polish. Loads of mistyped variables such as $ {friend} everywhere.

Also; gun choices make no difference so it makes me feel really frustrated that I’m given faux choice.

But what annoys me most - I paid for the game, yet I get ads? I’ve bought nearly all the official and Hosted games, but this is the first time I’ve seen a paid one do this. Feels a real middle finger to the buyer.

[Spoiler alert. If you didn’t already guess]
Anyway, I’m on the ‘Finale’ and I can beat the vampire and the gargoyles. However, there is NOTHING I can do to beat it. My light powers are all at 5% despite the fact I’ve used them (there was never any way to improve them.)

Is this just a good idea, badly executed or is there an actual solution?

@Nocturnal_Stillness would be able to address most of these issues. As for the ads, that’s clearly an error, not an intentional “F U.” You should send an email to Unnatural’s support to get that resolved.


Hi I’m the author of Unnatural the variable issues with ${friend} wasn’t actually in the originally released version but popped up during the last update. They have been fixed but am currently holding off the update as I’ve got someone looking over the game to fix more of the typos and grammar issues

In regards to the guns they do have an effect although in the end not as much as I originally planned. I cut a few things due to time constraints and biting off more than I could do. So currently the gun choice effects how many shots you have. Also the Colt Anaconda and the Desert Eagle can be more effective in certain circumstances. This is something I want to address in the second season.

With the adverts with Unnatural there are two types of adverts. The first are like previous games where they are seperate to the the game and should go once you have paid. The second are the ones in the middle of each episodes. These are actually part of the game’s TV Theme I was going for. Although a few people have expressed similar concerns over them. I have since changed the ads from pure adverts to parody versions of them. They weren’t meant to be an FU to the fans but a nod to the TV series theme i was aiming for.

In regards to the finale and the Azure powers they should go up when you use them so I’ll look into that. There is also chances to improve them during the game If you can PM your stats at the start of episode 6 I’ll look into the best way of getting past the game.

Thank you for taking the time to post this.


Anyone know the conditions necessary to save all the SRT ppl during the final attack?

I can’t get my fourth awareness point :frowning: help?

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Well in my case, I just use my azure power as often as possible and have a good relationship with my brother and when I tried to save him from being turned to zombies, I unlocked the fourth awareness.

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Oh I think I also found an opportunity , if bring Victor with you from Alpha Team to Gamma Team, there’s an opportunity to train w him i think you gain a point somehow