Which genre do you feel is underrepresented?

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MURDER MYSTERIES , horror , Dystopian (is that a genre?) and a Supervllain game, and before anyone speaks of that awful “Supervillain” CoG imo it’s kiddie standard I prefer it be more in lines of Fallen Hero and lastly a pure political game with all raw dirty crap…


Highlands Deep Waters is worth checking out if you like Lovecraftian settings (like me eh :grin: ) theres also Heart of the House (one of my faves :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ) and another hosted game where you’ll have to kill a monster in the attic before the sun comes down (sorry forgot the title :sweat_smile:)

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I would love to play MasterChef types of games!!!


WEREWOLVES. Tons of vampire stories, no werewolves!! There’s one coming out this year tho :pray:


Horror. But like…the splatter kind of horror. Think SAW as a choice game. We’ve had some mystery horror kind of games but I love those splattery bloodfests and I have a big big weakness for the SAW franchise sooo…that.


That’s exactly what I was thinking of, that and I would love to see a Until Dawn type of game as well.

Horror, nothing really ever came close to scaring me. Even unnatural couldn’t go past chapter 10 withought making me stronger then the monsters by that point, getting rid of all the tension and horror

We have tons of werewolf WIPs but… yeah not enough of them are getting finished.
Hoo I’m one to talk.

Sapient zoological romantic comedy? Possibly of a supernatural or space aliens persuasion?
Going without the romantic part is fine.

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Just me rambling. Skip this.

I’m up for anything with a good character arc. Fantasy is a favorite of mine, but then (ideally) I want there to be magic realism as well.

Darker themes coupled with slice of life, thriller, lore (or to the more documentary side of things, like biographies) also works really well for me. Probably because as you read darker fiction, there’s often lots of realism in it. Atleast it feels that way to me. Like how there’s often descriptions of structures within a society, or the human psychology. I luv it! :heart:

Edit: As for unrepresented genres. I’d say there’s not many games (atleast that I know of) that take place in the current time. Most are either set in the past or future.

I don’t think there’s a lot of genres who are combined in an odd way either. Like “weird fiction”.

But wait. I haven’t read any choicegame with meta as a genre. I love that kinda stuff, so to see it in a CoG or Hosted game would be awesome.


What heart’s choice? I dont see it at the CoG line-up.

Yeah it really is sad cause there was only one or two Sports centric WIPs but they are both closed from what I have seen. That might be my first game once I figure out how to used the code better.

It will be release this year from last I heard. Looking forward to it myself. For now, I will content myself with TWC. XD

I wouldn’t complain for more robbery games like black cat so I can sate my hunger for money🤑


Omg Yes.

I was thinking about some kind of series where you control the story’s MC, but they are their own character and start to get really creeped out when they’re not acting themselves.

But I can’t code to save my life, nor is my writing good enough.

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Heart’s Choice isn’t a game, it’s another label in association with CoG, like Hosted Games, but purely for romance-centered stories. The first game under the Heart’s Choice label, Love at Elevation, comes out this year.

If anyone still has more questions, here’s an FAQ about Heart’s Choice.


Ditto. One day I’ll take a week off of work and try and crash course choicescript and then do my best to write one in my free time.


Honestly I feel like any sort of non-speculative fiction is underrepresented. slice-of-life too. there aren’t any CoGs that do the “literary fiction” genre either (the closest might be Creatures Such as We?).

Also echoing the lack of “pure romance” games. More generally I feel like most CoGs have character relationships as more of a means to an end rather than as the focus of the story. Not just romance, but more stories about friendships and various kinds of familial relationships would be nice.

I’d have to say the genre of “doing tedious and completely mundane tasks.”
There is not a single game on any sight I’ve been able to find that a COG game allows me to wake up and decide ‘hmm, do I hit snooze or get up?’
Where are the choices involving what type of breakfast I want to eat, eggs or captain crunch?
What type of video game should I play this morning? How many hours should I play for? Does my fridge need refilling? Does this slightly dusty floor need a good sweeping? Should I even do anything productive today or will it all be spent on mundane forms of entertainment like tv or video games while drinking sodas?

In all honesty, some game genres are probably underrepresented for a reason :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know if it"s just me, but I really like stories about, heir to the thrones, fallen heros, and more gritty stuff that delves into controversial topics like slavery or mental illnesses. I played Fallen Hero and I loved it, the Lost Heir trilogy kinda bores me, and most WIP’s seem to never make progress.