Heart's Choice FAQ


Hi! I’m one of the partners and editors at Choice of Games, although one who’s rarely seen on the Forum. I’m leading the way on the new Heart’s Choice label.

We’re moving towards developing our first games for Heart’s Choice, and there’s been a lot of speculation on what Heart’s Choice will and won’t be like. Therefore, we’d like to offer some clarifications.

Thanks for your enthusiasm, and for the great community you’ve built here! We hope you’ll bring that same enthusiasm to Heart’s Choice games when they appear.

Heart’s Choice FAQ

What is Heart’s Choice?
Heart’s Choice is a new label in the Choice of Games family. It will publish high-quality interactive romance fiction written in ChoiceScript. The editorial staff of Heart’s Choice is the same as the editorial staff of Choice of Games, so we’ll be bringing the same high standards to Heart’s Choice’s game design and literary quality.

Will Heart’s Choice games be erotica?
Not all of them, no. Heart’s Choice games will have a wide range of ratings. Some will be fairly soft: if they were conventional romance novels they’d be called “sweet” or “candlelit;” if they were movies they’d be rated PG. Some will be racier: if they were conventional romance novels they’d be called “spicy” and if they were movies they’d be rated R. Some will be erotica. We’re building a balanced catalogue so that everyone will be able to find a spiciness level that’s to their taste.

Will there be pictures?
No. Like Choice of Games titles, Heart’s Choice games will be text only.

Will I be able to choose my PC’s gender and/or orientation in a Heart’s Choice game?
In some Heart’s Choice games, yes. However, because many romance novel readers like to stick with a single combination of genders, we’ll also have some Heart’s Choice games in which the gender of the PC and their love interest(s) is pre-determined. We will work hard to make sure that Heart’s Choice games include a wide variety of genders in the PCs and love interests alike. We want there to be something for everyone!

Can anyone write a Heart’s Choice game?
Heart’s Choice writers will be selected by a process similar to that for Choice of Games writers, and will be limited to authors with previous publications or equivalent experience.

Will there be a Hosted Games equivalent for Heart’s Choice?
No, we’re not planning one in the foreseeable future.

Will Heart’s Choice be as feminist and inclusive as Choice of Games?
Yes. Those values are deeply important to us as a company. Like all Choice of Games titles, all Heart’s Choice titles will show respect for all genders and orientations. Heart’s Choice titles will be sex-positive, too, emphasizing affirmative consent. There will never be a Heart’s Choice game that condones rape.

When will the first Heart’s Choice game be released?
We’re aiming for late 2018. We won’t know for certain until we’re farther along in the development process – we’ll let you know when we have a more definite date.

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