Heart's Choice is Coming Dec 2nd

Unfortunately, no. It will be not be available individually.

So, out of curiosity how explicit is each spice level. Just an estimate?

Three contains detailed descriptions of sexual acts. Two is less than that, one is less than that. That’s my estimate.


Thanks will hold out for dawnfall for a week or two then. Need to be in the right mood for it.

I was excited to some of the titles here but then got disappointed with the gender locking and the lack of gender options for PC, it kind of took away the point of cyoa, to play the way you want, don’t you think? But anyways, good luck with the release of Heart’s Choice.

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We’ve covered this a lot elsewhere on the forum, but there are many reasons Heart’s Choice games are genderlocked (and actually, only two of the four here are). If you haven’t already, take a look at the upcoming games post to get a sense of how diverse the range of stories we’ll be offering is–many non-genderlocked games, and enough genderlocked games to cater to many different kinds of sexuality.


I was a little (pleasantly) surprised that Pirate’s Pleasure got one spice. It’s definitely more romantically focused than any CoG I’ve edited. While none of it is explicit, and while it’s always tender, fun, and sincere, there are lots of descriptions of your physical and emotional reactions and varying degrees of naughtiness in your flirtations. Designed to get straight ladies hot and bothered, I’d say. I’d put it at a PG-13.


@DreamingGames Oh right, movies. One is PG-13, two is R, three is NC-17!


I don’t see enough movies to be able to judge what those actually mean and for games, I know that the age-marker, is rather random, - especially when it comes to sex. So I basically stopped paying attention ages ago.

That’s why I asked. But thanks for the thought.

PG-13: Parental Guidance For Children Under 13
R: Requires Parental Guardian For Kids Under 17
NC-17: No Children Under 17 Allowed


Thanks for the link!! The Play Store search function is trash.


Are these games really free. Or is it only the first few chapters like the other games?


All free! You just have to wait for new chapters to load.

Yeah, you’d have to watch a lot of ads and wait between chapters, but you can play them entirely without paying a cent.


If $4 to support the writer/company is such a hassle, just learn to be patient instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought the ad-free version of Pro-Wrestling, and I’m very excited to see just how explicit those three peppers are gonna be. :smirk:


Tho we can avoid ads if we play offline right? We still would have to wait between chapters?

I find that searching new titles on google search is more effective than searching them directly on the Play Store. In this case when I tried to do that on the Play Store it brought up some CoGs and a lot of other choice games, tho it baffles me that if I type in the exact title then how can the search function mess it up.

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We haven’t fully implemented ads for Heart’s Choice yet, it’s currently just delaybreaks. (Yes, yes, I know the button says “Unlock Ad-Free” right now.) When we do implement ads, no, you won’t be able to play offline unless you actually purchase the adfree version of the game.


I see. No cheating the system then xD

I just installed it and I absolutely love the cover arts and the layout of the app. Very stylish